Vox Pop : Open Forum - Abortion in New York : 2/19/13

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As reported this weekend in the New York Times, Governor Andrew Cuomo is set to propose changes to the state’s policies on abortion as part of his ‘Women’s Equality Act’ introduced during his State of the State Address that include allow health care practitioners, not solely physicians, from performing the procedure.

The reforms would codify abortion rights in the state so that they could stand alone if the U.S Supreme Court were to reverse its landmark decision Roe v. Wade decision.

Pro-choice advocates are calling the move a hopeful sign that the tide may turn from what has been a move by most states to restrict abortion rights over the last two years.

Pro-life groups are calling the proposal the ‘Abortion Expansion Act’ and Archbishop Tim Dolan wrote in a letter to Cuomo that there was no law that was, “less needed or more harmful.”

Today we want your take on the proposed changes.

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