Vox Pop : Open Forum – $ in Politics : 7/10/12

Yesterday, President Barack Obama's campaign and the democratic party said they raised $71 million dollars in the month of June, well below the $106 million hauled in by rival Mitt Romney and the republicans. Obama campaign officials have warned the fundraising deficit could harm the president's chances of winning re-election.  

Also, in an interview with Karen DeWitt, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo re-affirmed his campaign vow to establish a system of public financing for state office races in New York, a goal long sought by the state’s ‘good government’ advocates.

Today we want your take on the latest presidential campaign funding numbers and campaign finance in general. Can Obama pick up the fundraising pace in time for November? How have super PACs played a role in the race thus far? Can Governor Cuomo push through a campaign finance system that is supported by both legislators and advocacy groups? WAMC’s Alan Chartock hosts.