VT City Says Blood Drive Record Could Stand

Dec 18, 2013

Credit Paeonia1/Flickr

One of the organizers of Rutland's annual Gift of Life blood drive marathon says the national record they set for a one-day blood drive could stand for some time.

Co-organizer Steve Costello says he was shocked by how far the Tuesday blood drive exceeded the previous national one-day record.

On Tuesday the blood drive collected 2,337 pints, easily beating the previous national record of 1,968 pints, held by Manchester, N.H.

But Costello says the Red Cross is reluctant to undertake such a large blood drive again. "The Red Cross is really trying to get away from these mega-drives just because of the expense and the huge logistical challenges that they present."

This year's Gift-of-Life Marathon in Rutland was their third try to set the national record. Last year the Rutland drive fell 13 pints short.

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