VT Governor Backs Fighter Jet Plan for Burlington

May 25, 2012

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin says he supports a plan to bring F-35 fighter jets to the Air National Guard base at the Burlington International Airport.  WAMC’s North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley reports…

Shumlin says Vermont should be honored to host the F-35. He calls it a commentary on the quality of the Vermont National Guard.

The Air Force is considering a proposal to base between 18 and 24 of the planes in South Burlington.

But residents and officials in some of the communities near the airport aren't as supportive. The F-35 is louder than the F-16s currently based in Burlington.

Vermont Public Radio reports the governor feels the additional noise will be offset by their faster speed so the noise won't be audible for as long and the F-35s emit less pollution.

I’m Pat Bradley, WAMC News. 

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