VT Reaping Benefit of National Clean Air Policies

Oct 26, 2013

Credit WAMC/Pat Bradley

The state of Vermont is reaping the benefit of national clean air policies.

The Environmental Protection Agency recently reported Vermont hasn't had what it defines as a bad-air day in more than two years.

Vermont's air quality planning chief Rich Poirot says the state's last unhealthy air day was in July 2011.

He says the state's air quality has been improving for years, largely as the result of policies that have reduced the emission of pollutants from Midwestern power plants, a greater reliance on natural gas for power and cleaner cars.

The EPA says air quality is improving throughout New England, but Vermont was the only state without bad-air days.

Poirot says one visible benefit of the cleaner air is there are fewer hazy days in Vermont during the summer.

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