VT Warns Of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Dec 23, 2013

Credit National Archives and Records Administration/Wikimedia Commons-Public Domain

The Vermont Department of Health is warning residents to be careful with generators and other equipment after the weekend ice storm resulted in a spike in carbon monoxide poisonings.

With power outages across northern Vermont, many people turned to generators and alternative heat sources. The Department of Health says there were about half a dozen reports of people being sickened by carbon monoxide poisoning in one day — about what the state usually sees in a winter.

Generators, charcoal grills or hibachis should never be used indoors, and officials say snow and ice should be cleared from gas appliance vents outside. They also say kitchen gas stoves should not be used for heating.

Carbon monoxide is a potentially fatal colorless and odorless gas. Early symptoms include headache, dizziness and nausea.

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