Jan 22, 2013

Fire and emergency crews near WAMC studios in Albany

UPDATE:   9:05pm - Pat Cooney reports that Central Avenue has reopened to traffic. 

8:40pm - Albany city fire and emergency workers have given the all clear at WAMC.  Normal programming is back!  

Pat Cooney, WAMC Vice President of Operations, informs us that the WAMC offices and studios on Central Avenue in Albany are back in business, though the building is still being vented, as a precaution.

The 300 block of Central Avenue remains closed at this hour.


6:15pm: Albany fire officials say it will be "hours" until people will be allowed to return to their homes and businesses in a wide section of Albany's Central Avenue evacuated due to a serious gas leak.

The leak, first thought to be contained to the basement of WAMC's Albany studios, is now thought to be more widespread.  There are unconfirmed reports of high gas levels in other buildings in the area.

5:40pm:  A very serious gas leak has forced the evacuation of the entire 300 block of Central Avenue in Albany, including WAMC main offices and studios. 

WAMC will carry NPR's All Things Considered until 9pm eastern time today (Tuesday) and will join the BBC at 9pm. 

Normal programming will resume as soon as city emergency officials deem the threat no longer exists and station employees are allowed back into the building.