WAMC’S Million Dollar Winter Fund Drive Fueled by Early "Locked Box" Campaign

WAMC Northeast Public Radio will begin its first fund drive of the year on Monday, February 4 with more than $240,000 already in the pot, thanks to a bold strategy that invites listeners to pledge before the drive even begins.  The idea, coined as the Locked Box Campaign, was created last year to reduce the time span of the on-air fund drive by soliciting early donations that would go into a “locked box” to be designated exclusively for the upcoming fund drive.

According to WAMC President and CEO Alan Chartock, the campaign responds to the request of many loyal listeners who are eager to accelerate the fund drive so that the one-million-dollar goal is met promptly, and the beloved regular programming that is so much a part of listeners’ lives may resume more quickly.  The station has been promoting its most recent campaign on-air to listeners since early December, and the results have been dramatic.

“The $185,000 raised so far is the largest amount ever received before the start of a fund drive, and reflects the commitment of an audience that is not only passionate about a radio station, but about supporting their community, as well,” Chartock says.   Contributions to the Locked Box have come in every amount, but several have been in the thousands, including one $5,000 pledge.

Chartock explains, “The Locked Box Campaign gives a head start to the annual fund drives, which are the heart of how this station operates.  They give us a chance to speak directly with our listeners, share listener comments on the air, to have fun and celebrate WAMC.”

The fund drive will begin on Monday, February 4 and run from 6 a.m. through 9 p.m. every day until the goal is reached.  Listeners may also make contributions before, during and after the fund drive at WAMC’s secure website, http://www.wamc.org/.  Beginning at 6 a.m. on February 4, listeners can phone in at 800-323-9262.

Many local, regional and national businesses and individuals help the station raise their funds and show their continued support of WAMC by generously donating items, food and services for on-air giveaways and drawings.  Plus a fund drive would not be complete without mention of the hundreds of wonderful volunteers who will once again donate their time to answer telephones during the drive.  WAMC is always looking for volunteers and donators.  If you would like to volunteer your time or if your business would like to make a donation for the station to use as a pledge incentive during the fund drive, please contact Fund Drive Director Peter Koniuto at (x171), pkoniuto@wamc.org or Assistant Fund Drive Coordinator Emilio Roberts at (X189), eroberts@wamc.org.