Websites Crucial for Political Campaigns

Albany, NY – Sophisticated websites are now a mark of a top level political campaign, according to technology commentator Jesse Feiler, speaking on WAMC's "The Roundtable".

"In the political world, at the top you get good quality websites. It's the middle and the bottom where we wind up with certain issues," Feiler said.

Feiler noted that during Hillary Clinton's concession speech last Saturday, the Clinton and Obama campaign websites were coordinated to lead visitors to both candidates' sites.

"This coordination provided a mechanism for the Obama campaign to solicit people who go to the Obama website to get people to send a message to Hillary Clinton," Feiler said.

"From the technological point of view, there was coordination at the political level and at the technological level. It's very impressive," Feiler stated.

According to Feiler, Clinton and Obama have outpaced McCain in creating sophisticated campaign websites.