Wednesday's Rain

Jul 10, 2013

Western Avenue & Quail Street just after 2:30pm Wednesday July 10 following a burst of rain.
Credit Dave Lucas WAMC

The Albany-area gets a quick demonstration of flash flooding … The National Weather Service defines a flash flood as "rapidly rising water that usually occurs within two hours of the start of high intensity rain." Wednesday afternoon In the city of Albany, it took little more than five minutes for mother nature to produce a small demonstration of the phenomenon. The downpour began about quarter past 2 and within minutes low-lying areas within Albany were flooded: many city streets were affected including Whitehall Road, Hackett Boulevard, Western Avenue, Sheridan Avenue and almost every low-lying intersection.  The Albany Student Press posted video of water pouring into the lecture center at the UAlbany campus. The waters drained away almost as quickly as they had appeared.   The Times Union says the deluge caused flooding in Mechanicville and Watervliet.