Welch Listens to Student Debt Stories

May 1, 2012

Vermont Congressman Peter Welch was at Vermont’s largest university Monday to hear students’ debt and loan concerns.
The federal Stafford Student Loan interest rate will double on July first if Congress does not pass a measure to stop the increase.  Vermont’s sole Congressman was at the University of Vermont to compile stories from students about their debt.

Welch met numerous students in the Davis Center who told him any further financial burden could threaten their college plans.
20-year-old junior Political Science major Ann Nguyen  is worried about how she will pay back her loans.

Among those Congressman Welch talked to were Junior Economics and Sociology Major Gavin Caster and former student body president Senior Julian Golfarini.

Congressman Welch plans to use the stories to push for the extension of lower loan rates and  ways to make college more affordable.

A report from the Project on Student Debt found Vermont had the sixth highest average among those who graduated in 2010 for student loan debt from public and private four year institutions.