Where Does It Hurt?: Overcoming The Pain Of White Supremacy

Dec 5, 2017

Civil rights legend and educator Ruby Sales will be at the Rowe Center in Rowe, MA in a program titled: Where Does it Hurt?: Overcoming the Pain of White Supremacy. The session will be made up of soul-searching conversations on white supremacy and systematic oppression to come away with a radical new spiritual perspective on the tasks before us.

Ruby Sales believes all Americans are hurt by a racist system that continues to oppress people of color.  For this nation to survive, she says, we must forge new ways of honestly talking about how this brutal reality affects whites as well as blacks.  A new language is needed, she says, that incorporates not only our outrage at the harm that has been done, but also a vision of love through which we could become a new people — the America still waiting to be born.