Will We Ever Learn?: The Struggle for Equality One Group at a Time - Part 2

Nov 19, 2012

This is part two of our project -“Will We Ever Learn: The Struggle for Equality One Group at a Time.”

Partial support for this project comes from Mass Humanities, State-Based Affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities. The Mass Humanities grant is part of their initiative - Crisis, Community, and Civic Culture.

Today's challenges include the impact of global climate change on the world; our unsustainable health care system; and the crisis in our public education system, which does not seem to be producing informed citizens or equipping us to succeed in the global economy. Especially heartrending and challenging is the persistence of dire poverty in this, the richest nation on earth.

In this hour, we address the topic of disenfranchisement. How do we define it? What makes us enfranchised? Who is forgotten? We will discuss trends in mobility and opportunity, and well-being research. To discuss these issues, we welcome two distinguished guests.

Carol Graham is the Leo Pasvolsky Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution and College Park Professor at the School of Public Policy at the University of Maryland. She is also a Research Fellow at the Institute for the Study of Labor. She is the author of The Pursuit of Happiness: Toward an Economy of Well-Being .

Becky Wai-Ling Packard is a professor of psychology and education and is the Director of the Weissman Center for Leadership and the Liberal Arts at Mount Holyoke College. She specializes in mentoring; persistence of first-generation for college, low-income, ethnic minorities, and women.