Windham Mobile Service On "Hold"

Oct 13, 2013

Credit WAMC Composite Photo by Dave Lucas

Officials in Windham concede telecommunication capabilities in the community are NOT likely to improve in the immediate future... 

Recovery has been a slow process in the wake of Hurricane Irene, which devastated the Greene County town a few years ago. 

Spotty cellular phone service has been an ongoing problem; officials say plans to build a network of cell towers is in the works, but will take years to unfold at a cost of millions.

Assemblyman Pete Lopez is looking for an alternative solution that could be fast-tracked.

An $893,000 Homeland Security grant the county received to build one of three inter-operability towers linking Greene, Schoharie and Delaware counties came with the caveat: no private carriers such as T-mobile or Verizon, allowed. Town council members will get an update when they next meet on October 24.