Worst Housing Tour Takes Place In Newburgh

Jun 29, 2013

Low-income tenants in the Hudson Valley want to highlight some of the worst housing conditions in their city, and they're doing it Saturday.

About 20 low-income residents of Newburgh will lead a walking tour of what they say are some of the worst living situations. They want unresponsive landlords to take action and make repairs. They also want city government to increase enforcement. The residents leading the “Welcome Home” tour say tenants are dealing with dangerous, health hazardous, and even life-threatening housing. They say problems include electric and wiring issues, heating issues, pest infestations such as bats and bed bugs, and carbon monoxide. Residents will begin their tour from the office of Community Voices Heard, a member organization of low-income people, on Grand Street, beginning at noon. The tour runs for two hours.