The Young Women's Leadership School (Part 1 of 2), East Harlem, New York

East Harlem, New York: – People outside of New York City are probably unaware of this remarkable public school in East Harlem. It won last year's prestigious Breakthrough School Award from the National Association of Secondary School Principals for success working with low income and minority students. It also won the Young Science Achievers Award in 2004. This all girls public school is 66% Latina, and 33% African American. Among the many amazing statistics..The Young Women's Leadership School has been getting 100% of its senior girls into college every year. We just had to find out what they're doing right. So The Best of Our Knowledge went to The Young Women's Leadership School in East Harlem and this is their story in their own words. Blue Chevigny reports from NYC. (12:55)
Featured in story: Kathlene Ponze, Principal, The Young Women's Leadership School, East Harlem, New York; Chris Farmer, School Counselor; Terry Colliton, 7th Grade Math Teacher; Colleen McGeehan, 8th Grade Math & Science Teacher; Susan Vincent, Marine Science Teacher; Kayla Medina, 9th Grade Student; Natasha Williams, 11th Grade Student; Amal, 11th Grade Student; Jahlese Ladson, 12th Grade Student; Leslie, 12th Grade Student; and Veronica, Science Student *(For more details about The Young Women's Leadership School, listeners should visit their website: For more information, visit the Women In Science On The Air! website at Powerful Signals: Transforming the Role of Women and Girls In Science and Engineering was made possible by support from the National Science Foundation.