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Every day, faculty members at schools and universities throughout the world are making discoveries that shape our ways of thinking and redefine our understanding of today's knowledge-driven society. Since 1990, The Best of Our Knowledge has highlighted breakthroughs across disciplines and across the globe, putting you in touch with the men and women at the forefront of their fields. Each week this program examines some of the issues unique to college campuses, looks at the latest research, and invites commentary from experts and administrators from all levels of education.

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Moving from one temporary home to another with an occasional stint living in a car isn't exactly the roadmap to academic success. In fact, it makes it almost impossible. Today on the Best Of Our Knowledge, we'll hear the story of a homeless student in Washington State.

We'll also find out that all those times your teacher told you to sit up straight, well it was good advice. And we'll spend an academic minute separating the good exercise from the not so good.

Ever drive down the road and pass one of those historical markers a lot of places erect and wonder what it's all about?

You can do that a lot...and if you stopped at all of them you'd never really get anywhere. Not to worry and, please excuse me for using this way overused line but...there's an app for that. Today on the Best Of Our Knowledge, we'll talk to the people behind Next Exit History, and learn how a stop for coffee on a road trip turned into nationwide historical database.

Do you remember the movie "Mean Girls"? The screenplay to the 2004 film was written by Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock star Tina Fey, who also had a role in the film.

The movie was a worldwide hit and remains almost a cult favorite 10 years later. But did you know it was based on a non-fiction book called "Queenbees and Wannabees"? Now the author of that book has left the world of girls and has headed over to the boys.

Today on the Best Of Our Knowledge, a conversation with author Rosalind Wisemen about her book about boys' world: Masterminds and Wingmen.

Emory University

Emory University in Atlanta is one of the top private universities in the US, with over 14 thousand students and an endowment in the billions.

And in the past few weeks its had something else of national importance: Ebola patients. Today on the Best Of Our Knowledge, we'll talk to some people behind the scenes of treating, and curing, patients with Ebola at Emory.

We'll also hear why the CDC pushing even harder for your school age kids to be vaccinated, follow a family from a life in the fields to life on campus.

The advances made in the past decade or so in genetic testing have been astounding…and research in this area continues to go forward in labs and universities across the country. But there’s another place genetic tests are starting to pop up: homes. Today on the Best Of Our Knowledge, we’ll hear about the growth of in-home genetic testing and why this d0 it yourself trend may not always be a good idea.

We’ll also hear the story of a couple a veterans who are using training of the mind to leave the battles of war behind.

Princetown University Press

It takes a lot to survive a zombie apocalypse: speed, endurance, cunning…and apparently a working knowledge of calculus.

Today on the Best Of Our Knowledge, we’ll talk to the author of the new novel Zombies and Calculus and see why surviving a zombie attack takes brains.

We’ll also hear an essay about running away from your school bully straight into adolescence. I’ll talk to a Florida ROTC teacher who recently wrote a book about how to get into the college of your choice…and pay for it.

Diane Ravitch dot com

It seems like every other day someone in the media is talking about the American education system being "broken". They say it...and everyone nods in agreement. But one of the foremost authorities on education in the US says that public schools are doing fine...the real problem is the  growing trend towards privatization.

Today on the Best Of Our Knowledge, we'll talk to former US Assistant Secretary of Education Diane Ravitch, who calls the privatization movement a Reign of Error.

The Gilded Age in the US has also been called the Golden Age of Journalism. You probably couldn't convince President's Teddy Roosevelt or William Taft of that. Those two men had a special relationship between each other...and with the writers of the day...that defined their time in the White House...and after it.

Today on the Best Of Our Knowledge, we'll hear from Pulitzer Prize winning author and historian Doris Kearns Goodwin about Taft, Teddy...and the golden age of journalism.

We’ll also spend an academic minute finding out how robots communicate, with each other.

Order the same dish and three different restaurants and you’ll probably get three different flavors. No big deal, right? But it seems if you send a blood sample off to three different clinical labs for test results…you may get three different results.  And that IS a big deal. Today on the Best Of Our Knowledge, we’ll talk about the need for harmonization of laboratory methods and results.

We’ll also hear an interview with a professor of journalism and government about the need for knowledge-based journalism…and how could we resist that on this program.

University of West Florida

For a political science professor, following the recent vote on Scottish independence was the Olympics and World Cup rolled into one.

And when you start a conversation on the topic…it’s likely the subject will drift a bit. Today on the Best Of Our Knowledge, we’ll talk to a professor of political science to learn the history and the teachable moments from the vote in Scotland.

We’ll also spend an academic minute with a refreshing walk in the park.