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Maybe you voted for them and maybe you didn't, but either way, what they do and how they think affects you. You can keep yourself abreast of political developments and gain a little insight into how New York State's politicians think when you listen in as political scientist Dr. Alan Chartock holds conversations with... New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver ...Governor Andrew Cuomo....Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos...Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb.... members from the Assembly and Senate, and others... each week on The Capitol Connection.

Provocative topics, tough questions, spontaneity, and a casual low-key format make The Capitol Connection one of WAMC's most listened-to offerings. Tune in Fridays at 10:30 pm on WAMC/Northeast Public Radio, a repeat broadcast on Saturdays at 1pm. The program is also carried on stations across New York State. Check your local listings for the time and frequency. 

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Capitol Connection
8:54 am
Sat November 17, 2007

The Capitol Connection #746

Capitol Connection
3:58 am
Sat November 10, 2007

The Capitol Connection #745

Albany, NY – Alan Chartock welcomes Assembly Minority Leader Jim Tedisco, one of the leading critics of Governor Spitzer's driver's license plan for illegal immigrants. Tedisco explains why he's so opposed to the plan and what he's doing to stop it from going forward. Also, with his recent high profile status is Tedisco eyeing a run for higher office? Alan asks this and many other tough questions on this week's show.

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Capitol Connection
10:06 am
Mon November 5, 2007

Capitol Connection #744


Albany, NY – Alan Chartock welcomes DMV Commissioner David Swarts. Swarts explains the new plan to issue driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. Hear why Swarts says the plan is good for public safety and how it will make New York safer. Also, Swarts responds to critics of the plan.

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Capitol Connection
9:00 am
Sun October 28, 2007

The Capitol Connection #743

Albany, NY – It's a very special edition of Capitol Connection, as host Alan Chartock welcomes New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. In this informal, "soup-to-nuts" discussion, Governor Spitzer reflects on what has been a very eventful first term in office. Alan and the Governor run the gamut... from the controversy over Spitzer's plan to offer drivers licenses to undocumented immigrants, to NYRA....even to the resignation of Yankee Manager Joe Torre. It's a fascinating half-hour with the most powerful man in New York. Don't miss it!

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Capitol Connection
9:01 am
Sat October 20, 2007

Capitol Connection #742

Albany, NY – On the Capitol Connection this week, Alan Chartock talks with Albany County D.A. David Soares. D.A. Soares tells Alan all about his investigation into the so-called "Troopergate" scandal. He also talks about the ongoing investigation into former Comptroller Alan Hevesi. Also, an update on Rockefeller Drug Law reforms and enforcement of tough new residency restrictions for sex offenders.

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Capitol Connection
2:17 am
Sat October 13, 2007

Capitol Connection #741

Capitol Connection
10:35 am
Sat October 6, 2007

Capitol Connection #740

Capitol Connection
3:32 am
Sat September 29, 2007

Capitol Connection #739

Albany, NY – This week on the Capitol Connection, Alan is joined by Manuel "Manny" Rivera, Deputy Secretary for Education in the Spitzer Administration. Rivera talks about Governor Spitzer's education initiatives and the state of education in New York.

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Capitol Connection
11:41 am
Sat September 22, 2007

Capitol Connection #738

Albany, NY – This week on the Capitol Connection, Alan is joined by Steven Greenberg of the Siena College Research Poll. Greenberg talks about Siena's latest New York poll which takes a monthly snapshot of registered voters from throughout New York State on current political issues. Their most recent poll asks what New Yorker's think about the so called "Troopergate" scandal, whether they approve of Governor Eliot Spitzer and more.

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Capitol Connection
10:34 am
Sat September 15, 2007

Capitol Connection #737

Albany, NY – This week on the Capitol Connection, Alan talks with Democratic Assemblyman Richard Brodsky. Brodsky talks about his appointment to the panel set up to study congestion pricing and gives his views on the proposed plan. Alan and Assemblyman Brodsky discuss a couple of ongoing investigations into alleged wrong doing by current and former state officials. And, Brodsky has an update on some unfinished legislative business.

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