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Maybe you voted for them and maybe you didn't, but either way, what they do and how they think affects you. You can keep yourself abreast of political developments and gain a little insight into how New York State's politicians think when you listen in as political scientist Dr. Alan Chartock holds conversations with... New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver ...Governor Andrew Cuomo....Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos...Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb.... members from the Assembly and Senate, and others... each week on The Capitol Connection.

Provocative topics, tough questions, spontaneity, and a casual low-key format make The Capitol Connection one of WAMC's most listened-to offerings. Tune in Fridays at 10:30 pm on WAMC/Northeast Public Radio, a repeat broadcast on Saturdays at 1pm. The program is also carried on stations across New York State. Check your local listings for the time and frequency. 

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Capitol Connection
10:06 am
Sat October 21, 2006

Capitol Connection #642

Albany, NY – On this week's Capitol Connection Alan Chartock talks to author, actor and activist Malachy McCourt, the Green Party's candidate for New York State governor. McCourt, the brother of Angela's Ashes author Frank McCourt, tells Alan why he's standing for office and what offends him about Eliot Spitzer and John Faso, his Democratic and Republican opponents. The dark horse candidate talks with Alan about his ideas for demilitarizing the National Guard, raising teacher's salaries and making public transit and public colleges free.

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Capitol Connection
11:29 am
Sat October 14, 2006

Capitol Connection #641

Albany, NY – Alan Chartock talks to Tom Rogers, executive director of New York State's Council of School Superintendents (NYSCOSS). The two discuss the recent school embezzlement scandal in Roslyn, New York and the need for an external check on school districts that has been called for in its wake. Superintendent turnover, the latest in the Campaign for Fiscal Equity case and solutions to school violence are also among the topics this week.

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Capitol Connection
8:55 am
Sat October 7, 2006

Capitol Connection #640

Albany, NY – On this week's Capitol Connection Alan Chartock talks to Michael Arcuri, district attorney for Oneida County and Democratic congressional candidate in New York's 24th district. The House seat is being vacated by retiring Congressman Sherwood Sherry Boehlert, a moderate Republican, and is considered by national Democrats as a vulnerable seat in their attempt to regain control of the House this fall. Arcuri discusses his similarities with the popular outgoing legislator and how his prosecutorial experience has shaped his positions.

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Capitol Connection
12:50 am
Sat September 30, 2006

Capitol Connection #639

Albany, NY – Alan talks to John Hall, co-founder of the band Orleans and writer of the hit songs Still the One and Dance With Me. Hall is running for Congress in New York's 19th congressional district against Republican incumbent Sue Kelly. The race is receiving national attention as one of the races being focused on by Democrats eager to take control of the lower house. Hall, a longtime activist and a former county legislator, talks about his feelings on his opponent's 12-year record and his call for a moonshot program for energy independence.

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Capitol Connection
4:18 am
Sat September 23, 2006

Capitol Connection #638

Capitol Connection
3:54 am
Sat September 16, 2006

Capitol Connection #637

Albany, NY – Alan Chartock talks to State Senator Ray Meier of New York's 47th district. Meier, a Republican, is running to replace retiring Congressman Sherwood Sherry Boehlert of New York's 24th congressional district. The race is one of several House seats receiving national coverage as Democrats try to regain control of Congress' lower house. Meier talks about his identification with Boehlert, his popularity in the district and the bread-and-butter issues he feels are most important to his constituents.

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Capitol Connection
12:03 am
Sat September 9, 2006

Capitol Connection #636

Albany, NY – Alan Chartock talks to Lee Miringoff, director of Marist's Institute for Public Opinion, home of the nationally-utilized Marist poll. With the New York State primaries coming up next week, Alan and Lee discuss who the likely voters will be, what their demographics are and why Senator Hillary Clinton is faring better than her colleague in Connecticut, Joe Lieberman.

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Capitol Connection
2:39 am
Sat September 2, 2006

Capitol Connection #635

Albany, NY – Alan Chartock talks to Richard Mills, New York State's education commissioner. Alan asks him about a recent report from the education department that rated an additional 17 schools in the state persistently dangerous. Other educational issues in the interview include the difficulties in getting experienced teachers into troubled schools, programs to aid outside professionals with a desire to teach, and the need for greater accountability in school leadership.

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Capitol Connection
6:16 am
Sat August 26, 2006

Capitol Connection #634

Capitol Connection
1:07 am
Sat August 19, 2006

Capitol Connection #633

Albany, NY – This week's show is particularly lively, as Alan Chartock talks to Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi. Suozzi, who's challenging Attorney General Eliot Spitzer for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination, talks about the distinctions between him and the popular attorney general, the problems he's faced fundraising, their recent debate in New York City and Spitzer's failure to reform Medicaid.

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