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Norsk Titanium

The long-awaited confirmation that a major aerospace manufacturer will set up its U.S operations in Plattsburgh was confirmed Monday.

Pittsfield Mayor Linda Tyer
Jim Levulis / WAMC

Linda Tyer, a Democrat, recently completed the first six months of a four-year term as the mayor of Pittsfield. The former city clerk spoke with WAMC to discuss the state of Pittsfield and her priorities.

WAMC, Allison Dunne

A community open house Thursday drew hundreds of area residents to learn about a proposed Legoland New York for Orange County. Though many say they favor the theme park being built in Goshen, some voiced a continuing concern about traffic.

Rogovoy Report For 7/8/16

Jul 8, 2016

The weekend’s cultural highlights in the region include a new music ensemble; a deadpan standup comic; a rock-horror musical comedy; futurist and futuristic puppet theater; the return of a virtuoso violinist; a one-night festival of performance art, and a whole lot more.

Vermont Right to Know GMO logo
Vermont Right to Know Coalition

Late Thursday the U.S. Senate approved federal GMO labeling legislation and moved the bill to the House for consideration.  In Vermont, where the first-in-the-nation mandatory GMO labeling law went into effect last Friday, advocates say the federal bill caters to the whims of the corporate food industry rather than actually providing consumers information.

(March 2016) Amherst, Ma. Chief of Police Scott Livingstone joins activists for a photo beneath the " Black Lives Matter" banner that hangs over South Pleasant St.

Authorities are still learning about the shootings in Dallas that killed five police officers and wounded several more. That violence follows two civilian deaths at the hands of police this week that galvanized protestors.

WAMC listeners share their thoughts in this week's highlights from the WAMC Listener Comment Line. 

a water drinking fountain

This week the New York State Assembly Committees on Health and Environmental Conservation announced hearings into examine the quality of the state’s drinking water and state government’s responses to contamination issues.

Health officials in Massachusetts are recommending people take precautions this summer to protect themselves from mosquitoes that can spread illness. The much discussed Zika virus is a concern for people traveling out of the area, but there are local risks like West Nile Virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis.

FEMA app Main Menu

Summer is here, with hazy, hot and humid days that can give way to dangerous storms. It’s also hurricane season — and as the Northeast has learned in the past several years, we’re not immune.   FEMA is helping people prepare for severe weather with a new smartphone app.

Bill Owens: Where Will The Jobs Come From?

Jul 7, 2016

            Each of the presidential candidates has talked about bringing jobs back to America and creating jobs in America as an enticement to the battered middle class suffering from job loss and income stagnation.

Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant
Wiki Commons

One of the reactors at the Indian Point nuclear power plant automatically shut down Wednesday morning. It’s the same reactor that was offline two other times in recent months for different reasons. Meanwhile, the relicensing schedule for the Westchester County plant has been pushed back again.

Pat Griffin
Pat Griffin

The Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in North Adams is hosting a talk tomorrow on how schools can best include transgender students in athletic programs. Pat Griffin is the founding director of Changing the Game: The Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network Sports Project.

Emerald Ash Borer
courtesy NYS DEC

Invasive species are spreading across the region.  The summer is a prime season for the non-native insects to move to new habitats, threatening native ecosystems. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Lands and Forests Research Scientist Jerry Carlson is also Chief of Forest Health and Protection, making him responsible for identifying changes in the forest environment statewide.  Originally trained as an entomologist, Carlson sat down to discuss the increasing risk of invasive insects throughout eastern New York.

In November, Essex County Supervisors approved extending the county occupancy tax to include private rentals effective January 1st.  Now officials are finding that a number of property owners are resisting paying the tax or are unaware they are supposed to pay it.

Herbert London: Turkey And Israel Reconcile

Jul 6, 2016

Terrorists assaulted and killed dozens in the Istanbul airport raising the prospect of Turkey on the precipice of all-out war with ISIS. While this carnage has alarmed citizens across the European continent, there was a political negotiation that holds out some hope for the future, despite a Turkish president who often exemplifies erratic behavior.

Jason Caterina's Midday Forecast

Jul 6, 2016

Meteorologist Jason Caterina delivers the Midday Weather Summary for Wednesday, July 6, 2016.

Robyn Phillips-Pendleton
University of Delaware

The Norman Rockwell Museum is hosting a talk Thursday on how illustrations have impacted perceptions of race throughout history. University of Delaware Professor of Visual Communication Robyn Phillips-Pendleton will deliver the lecture at 5:30 in the Stockbridge museum.

Officials say good progress was made during the first year of an initiative to turn around the struggling middle schools in the second largest public school system in Massachusetts.  The nine middle schools in Springfield are operated by a public-private partnership in a model that more closely resembles what a lot of charter schools do.

dairy cows

Northeast dairy farmers anticipating a payout from a settlement with a national dairy marketing cooperative may have to wait a year before seeing any checks. 

Bob Goepfert Reviews "Brighton Beach Memoirs"

Jul 5, 2016

Anyone who has ever called Neil Simon simply a writer of shallow comedies should be forced to see the production of his play “Brighton Beach Memoirs,” playing a Curtain Call Theatre in Latham.  Attending the play, which continues through July 16, is a revelation.   This is a tender and wise production of a marvelous play that is in danger of being neglected.

Simon is often called “Doc” because of his reverence towards Anton Chekhov, the legendary Russian playwright who was a country doctor.  “Brighton Beach Memoirs” is Chekhovian in style in that it creates a world that is so honest it reflects an entire culture at a specific place and point in time.

Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

Another upstate New York locality is considering banning the sale of tobacco products to people under the age of 21.

Rob Edelman: Two Views Of New York

Jul 4, 2016

New York City is a city of vast extremes. On the one hand, you have celebrities. You have glitter. You have Big Money and Manhattan Towers. You have the power and influence that emanates from Wall Street and Madison Avenue.

David Nightingale: Wm Henry Seward (1801 - 1872)

Jul 3, 2016

Driving on the quiet Route 20, roughly parallel to the NYS Thruway -- a far more peaceful way to go, at the state limit of 55 rather than the 70+ mph of close-packed semis and trucks -- I stopped overnight in Auburn. Auburn is one of those towns in New York's Finger Lakes region, some with delightful names like Canandaigua, Cazenovia, Skaneateles.

8 Bridges Swim Continues In The Hudson River

Jul 1, 2016
WAMC, Allison Dunne

A 120-mile Hudson River swim is in progress, having started in the Catskills June 26 with plans to end Sunday at the mouth of New York City harbor. WAMC’s Hudson Valley Bureau Chief Allison Dunne has more on the marathon swim that heads from the Bear Mountain Bridge to the Tappan Zee Bridge today.

Rogovoy Report For 7/1/16

Jul 1, 2016

First things first. For anyone out there planning on going to see Bob Dylan at Tanglewood on Saturday night, as I am, I do want to let you know what you are in for, so you don’t come complaining to me after the fact. You will be hearing almost no songs you associate with Bob Dylan. In fact, unless you’re a hardcore fan, you may only recognize one or two of the 20 songs he will probably play on Saturday night. All together, only four songs – only 20 percent of the concert – were originally recorded by Bob Dylan in the 20th century. Fully 1/3 of the songs Dylan will sing are his renditions of pre-rock pop standards typically associated with Frank Sinatra. Fully one-quarter – five songs – of the set will be taken from Dylan’s most recent album of original songs, “Tempest,” recorded four years ago. The concert will feature only two songs Dylan recorded in the 1960s – “Blowin’ in the Wind” and one called “She Belongs to Me.”  “Tangled Up in Blue” is the only song Dylan recorded in the 1970s that he will sing. Nor will he so much as touch a guitar. He’ll spend most of the concert singing microphone in hand, crooner style. This will be Bob Dylan like you have never seen or heard him before. Consider yourselves warned.

WAMC listeners share their thoughts in this week's highlights from the WAMC Listener Comment Line. 

This year more than 2000 AmeriCorps volunteers are serving in 450 locations across Vermont. During a conference call this week, Vermont’s Congressional delegation announced that the state will receive $2.1 million dollars in AmeriCorps funding.

Paul Caiano's Midday Forecast

Jul 1, 2016
Newschannel 13 Meteorologist Paul Caiano

Newschannel 13 meteorologist Paul Caiano delivers the Midday Weather Summary for Friday, July 1, 2016.


Montgomery County Town of Palatine supervisor Sara Niccoli has kicked off a campaign to unseat Republican George Amedore  in New York’s 46th state Senate District.  The Democrat recently sat down with WAMC's Capital Region Bureau Chief Dave Lucas.