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WAMC's The Roundtable is an award-winning, nationally recognized eclectic talk program. The show airs from 9am to noon each weekday and features news, interviews, in-depth discussion, listener call-ins, music, and much (much) more! Hosted by Joe Donahue and produced by Sarah LaDuke, The Roundtable tackles serious and lighthearted subjects, looking to explore the many facets of the human condition with civility, respect and responsibility.

The show's hallmark is thoughtful interviews with A-list newsmakers, authors, artists, sports figures, actors, and people with interesting stories to tell. Since hitting the airwaves in May of 2001, The Roundtable has interviewed the likes of Arthur Miller, Kurt Vonnegut, Maya Angelou, Madeleine Albright, Jimmy Carter, John McCain, Bob Dole, Bill O'Reilly, Steve Martin, James Taylor, Bill Cosby, Stephen King, Melissa Etheridge and lots of other really cool people. Plus, Wilco does our theme song. What more can you ask for?

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The Roundtable
10:35 am
Tue July 23, 2013

"Falling Back" by Jamie Fader

    Falling Back is a new book based based on over three years of ethnographic research with black and Latino males on the cusp of adulthood and incarcerated at a rural reform school designed to address “criminal thinking errors” among juvenile drug offenders.

State University at Albany professor Jamie Fader observed these young men as they transitioned back to their urban Philadelphia neighborhoods, resuming their daily lives and struggling to adopt adult masculine roles.

She looks to portray the complexities of human decision-making as these men strove to “fall back,” or avoid reoffending, and become productive adults. Jamie Fader is an assistant professor of criminal justice at the University at Albany, SUNY.

The Roundtable
10:10 am
Tue July 23, 2013

Book Picks - Merritt Bookstore

    This week's Book Picks come from Scott Meyer of Merritt Books in Millbrook, NY.

Foreign Policy Begins at Home: The Case for Putting America's House in Order by Richard Haass
Fantasy Life: The Outrageous, Uplifting, and Heartbreaking World of Fantasy Sports from the Guy Who's Lived It by Matthew Berry
Bird Medicine: The Sacred Power of Bird Shamanism by Evan T. Pritchard
William Shakespeare's Star Wars by Ian Doescher
How to Speak Klingon: Essential Phrases for the Intergalactic Traveler by Ben Grossblatt
The Form Within: My Point of View by Karl H. Pribram
The Never List by Koethi
Spirits & Wine by Susan Newhof
The Hudson Valley in the Ice Age: A Geological History & Tour by Robert Titus

The Roundtable
9:00 am
Tue July 23, 2013

7/23/13 - Panel

  Today's panelists are WAMC's Alan Chartock, Newsman Ray Graf, Albany Common Council member, resident of Arbor Hill, author, feminist scholar and community activist Barbara Smith and in the second half of the panel, Times-Union Capital reporter, Jimmy Vielkind. Joe Donahue moderates.

11:45 am
Mon July 22, 2013

"Fantasy Life" by Matthew Berry

    Never played in a fantasy league and wanted to find out what they are all about, but were afraid to ask? Ever wanted to start one, but not sure how? Have line-up questions or want to explore the best trade possibilities?

Matthew Berry is an ESPN fantasy sports analyst and columnist. He will be at Merritt Bookstore in Millbrook, NY on Wednesday, July 24th at 7:00 PM.

His new book is Fantasy Life: The Hilarious Obsessive, Uplifting, and Heartbreaking World of Fantasy Sports from the Guy Who's Lived It.

Arts & Culture
11:30 am
Mon July 22, 2013

A Musical Inspired by the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company at Powerhouse

New York Stage and Film and Vassar College present A Musical Inspired by the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company as their second Martel Musical this Powerhouse season.

Trey Swieskowski, an idealistic young Brooklynite, fantasizes about becoming a superhero. Meanwhile, Astrolass (AKA “Astroman’s daughter”) is desperate to pack in her cape and escape the burden of her father’s legacy. When the two of them cross paths, they hatch a plan to change their lives forever.

Director Michael Mayer returns to Powerhouse to develop this exciting new musical and he joins us along with Peter Lerman (music and lyrics) and Simon Rich (book).

The Roundtable
11:12 am
Mon July 22, 2013

"Ready for a Brand New Beat" by Mark Kurlansky

    "Callin' out around the world, are you ready for a brand new beat?" This is the opening line to the 1964 signature Motown hit "Dancing in the Street" by Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, a beloved tune canonized in American popular music with recordings by everyone from Mick Jagger and David Bowie to Van Halen.

In his newest book, Ready For a Brand New Beat, author Mark Kurlansky makes the compelling argument that this song changed America forever.

Famous for telling a grand historical story through the lens of a single-and often unlikely-subject, Kurlansky now turns his astute cultural eye on this popular tune, examining its intersection with the civil rights movement and a tumultuous period in American history, and underscoring the role that popular music can play in the genesis of greater social movements.

Congressional Corner
10:50 am
Mon July 22, 2013

Congressional Corner with Joe Courtney

    The Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage rulings marked a new era for the country.

In today’s Congressional Corner, Connecticut Representative Joe Courtney discusses the decisions with WAMC’s Alan Chartock.

Arts & Culture
10:35 am
Mon July 22, 2013

20th Anniversary of Community Access to the Arts

    Community Access to the Arts is 20-years old this year. Based in Great Barrington, the non-profit was born when Sandy Newman coordinated one weaving workshop for 12 women with disabilities from The Riverbrook Residence.

Today, CATA offers over 1000 individual arts workshops annually in its Great Barrington Studio as well as in 30 different health and human service organizations. 22 local artists are employed as faculty along with 6 full-time and 2 part-time staff.

There is a lot going on at CATA this anniversary year, founder Sandy Newman is here to tell us more along with Program Coordinator Bobbie Fachini.

The Roundtable
10:10 am
Mon July 22, 2013

Richard Schiff in "The Chosen" at Barrington Stage

Richard Schiff and Joe Donahue

    Actor Richard Schiff is probably best known for playing White House Communications Director Toby Ziegler on NBC’s The West Wing.

He made his Broadway debut this past season Glengarry Glen Ross with Al Pacino and he is now at Barrington Stage Company in Pittsfield in The Chosen.

The Roundtable
9:00 am
Mon July 22, 2013

7/22/13 - Panel

  Today's panelists are WAMC’s Alan Chartock, Newsman Ray Graf, and Alice Green - the Executive Director of The Center for Law and Justice. She is an adjunct professor at the University at Albany, and she writes and lectures frequently on racism and criminal justice issues. Joe Donahue moderates.

Topics include:
Obama on Race
Times Editorial on Race
Obama Economy
Helen Thomas Dies
Royal Baby Watch