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Vox Pop is WAMC's live call-in talk program. Guests with expertise in areas ranging from Astronomy to George Washington speak with WAMC's hosts and answer questions posed by WAMC listeners. We also have a number of forums and guests who are regulars to Vox Pop such as our Science Forum and Gardening program.

Every Monday is a "Medical Monday."  Every Friday is a "Food Friday." 

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  • Call in during the show from 2-3 p.m. at 1-800-348-2551 (1-800-TALK-1)
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Coming up on Vox Pop:

Monday, January 19
Medical Monday - Dr. Harry Odabashian - Cardiology

Tuesday, January 20
Open Forum - Riverkeeper

Wednesday, January 21
Live coverage of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's State of the State address

Thursday, January 22
Automotive Repair

Friday, January 23
Food Friday - National Soup Month

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Vox Pop
12:30 pm
Mon December 22, 2014

Medical Monday : Dr. Pablo Lopez : Primary Care


Joining us this afternoon for Medical Monday is Dr. Pablo Lopez, a board-certified family medicine physician. He practices at Ellis Primary Care in Schenectady, and he’s here to answer your questions. Brian Shields hosts.

Vox Pop
12:30 pm
Fri December 19, 2014

Food Friday: Meet the Chef - Nick Moulton

Our region boasts some of the finest chefs in the country. And we want to get to know as many of them as possible here on Food Friday. Today we are on with Chef Nick Moulton of Mezze Bistro + Bar in Williamstown, Massachusetts.

Vox Pop
1:46 pm
Thu December 18, 2014

Automotive Repair: Gordon Fricke : 12/18/14

  Today on Vox Pop, we’re joined by Gordon Fricke – owner and operator of Barber & Fricke Automotive Incorporated, an independent repair, auto body, towing and used car facility in Hoosick, New York, to talk cars and car repair.

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Vox Pop
12:30 pm
Wed December 17, 2014

Science Forum : 12/17/14

It's the Science Forum on the Vox Pop today as we welcome back our esteemed panel of experts.  

Vox Pop
12:37 pm
Tue December 16, 2014

Open Forum: Terrorism & Counter-Terrorism

Terrorism is on the front page of every newspaper these days, whether it’s acts of violence perpetrated by ISIS or Boko Haram, last week’s damning indictment of CIA interrogation practices after the 9/11 attacks, yesterday’s hostage situation at a Sydney café, or today’s tragic school shooting in Pakistan.

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Vox Pop
12:08 pm
Mon December 15, 2014

Medical Monday : Dr. Paul Husson : Urology

Credit Nathan Littauer Hospital

Joining us in the studio for Medical Monday is Dr. Paul Husson, a urologist with Nathan Littauer Hospital in Gloversville. Dr. Husson specializes in cutting edge urologic surgery, as well as the diagnosis and treatment of a range of urological issues.

Vox Pop
1:33 pm
Fri December 12, 2014

Food Friday: Pie

 It wouldn’t be the holidays without a little pie. Pumpkin pie, apple pie, pecan pie, any pie will do. Food and agriculture writer Deanna Fox is here to talk about the fine art of the pie, which has been around since ancient Egyptian times, and originally made popular by the Roman Empire. 

Vox Pop
1:57 pm
Thu December 11, 2014

Birding with Rich Guthrie : 12/11/14

Today on Vox Pop, bird expert Rich Guthrie is in the studio answering your avian inquiries.WAMC's Ray Graf hosts.  Wild Birds Unlimited's Nancy Castillo makes a guest appearance.

Vox Pop
2:00 pm
Wed December 10, 2014

Home Improvement: 12/10/14

Credit Wikimedia Commons

Whether you’re flipping a house or finally getting around to updating that kitchen of yours, home improvement projects can be daunting. But don’t worry, professional engineer and construction specialist Darren Tracy is here with us today to answer your questions large and small about your next home improvement project.

Vox Pop
2:13 pm
Tue December 9, 2014

Open Forum: CIA Interrogation Report

Senate investigators have delivered a damning indictment of CIA interrogation practices after the 9/11 attacks, accusing the agency of inflicting pain and suffering on prisoners with tactics that went well beyond legal limits.

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