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Vox Pop is WAMC's live call-in talk program. Guests with expertise in areas ranging from Astronomy to George Washington speak with WAMC's hosts and answer questions posed by WAMC listeners. We also have a number of forums and guests who are regulars to Vox Pop such as our Science Forum and Gardening program.

Every Monday is a "Medical Monday."  Every Friday is a "Food Friday." 

There are several ways to join the conversation:

  • Call in during the show from 2-3 p.m. at 1-800-348-2551 (1-800-TALK-1)
  • Comment on the show page of the Vox Pop section of WAMC.org
  • Comment on the Vox Pop status update at WAMC's Facebook page
  • Tweet us @WAMCVoxPop

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Monday, July 7
Medical Monday

Tuesday, July 8
Open Forum

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Copyright Forum

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Open Forum

Friday, July 11
Dining out with kids

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November 21, 2012

2:00 PM
Peacherine Rag
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I Can’t Help It
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Artist : Deep Blue Organ Trio
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Up Jumped Spring
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Album : Three Bline Mice Vol. 1
Composer : Freddie Hubbard
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Vox Pop
12:30 pm
Thu June 12, 2014

Vox Pop : Birding with Rich Guthrie : 6/12/14

Today on Vox Pop, bird expert Rich Guthrie answering your avian inquiries.WAMC's Ray Graf hosts.

Vox Pop
12:30 pm
Wed June 11, 2014

Vox Pop : Elder Law & Estate Planning : 6/11/14

Navigating the world of elder law and estate planning can be a daunting process. You’re likely to have a lot of questions. In the studio with us today to answer your questions is attorney Frank Lang of the Lang Law Firm in Latham and Oneonta.

Vox Pop
1:12 pm
Tue June 10, 2014

Vox Pop : Sports : 6/10/14

Credit Christian Mesiano's photostream Flickr

This is shaping up to be another epic week for sports, and it’s only Tuesday. We’re smack in the middle of an intense Stanley Cup final, the World Cup starts Thursday and a high-stakes Belmont Stakes started off the week. Here with us to talk it through is our very own sports commentator and Marist College Center for Sports Communication Director Keith Strudler.

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Vox Pop
12:30 pm
Mon June 9, 2014

Vox Pop : Medical Monday - Dr. Steven Bayer & Dr. Sonia Elguero

In the studio today for Medical Monday are Drs. Steven Bayer and Sonia Elguero of Albany IVF, an affiliate of Boston IVF. They’re experts in the field of reproductive endocrinology, infertility and family planning.

Vox Pop
2:23 pm
Fri May 30, 2014

Food Friday : Distilling & Spirits : 5/30/14

Credit By Mackmyra Svensk Whisky via Wikimedia Commons

We talk a lot about food here on Food Friday, but today we turn our attention to beverages. We are going to learn all about the fascinating process of distilling and spirits. We are joined today by John Curtain and Matthew Jager, the founders of the Albany Distilling Company, as well as Alejandro De Peral, founder of the Nine Pin Ciderworks, a craft cidery in Albany.

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Vox Pop
12:30 pm
Thu May 29, 2014

Vox Pop : Gardening : 5/29/14

Credit Wikimedia Commons

Joining us for our gardening program is Fred Breglia of Landis Arboretum and Greg Ward of Ward's Nursery.

Vox Pop
12:30 pm
Wed May 28, 2014

Vox Pop : Pets & Vets : 5/28/14

Credit Buzzfeed

It’s our Pets & Vets program this afternoon, and here to take your calls is Dr. Carrie O’Loughlin of Delmar Animal Hospital in Delmar, New York. 

Vox Pop
12:30 pm
Tue May 27, 2014

Vox Pop : Open Forum on 5/27/14 : Automated Traffic Control

Credit WAMC Photo by Dave Lucas

Last month we talked about speed cameras in school zones around the region. This month, red light cameras have taken center stage in debate over local traffic control issues, as the city of Albany lobbies the state to implement the technology.

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Vox Pop
1:13 pm
Fri May 23, 2014

Food Friday : Off-Beat Weddings

Credit Andrew Malone via Flickr

Are you planning a wedding or other major celebration in the near future? Sick of the boring old steak, chicken or fish options that you get to eat at such events? We have two guests in the studio today who can offer a more fun, offbeat perspective on food fit for large, formal gatherings. Brandon Snooks of The Wandering Dago food truck is here, as well as Kim Klopstock of Lily and the Rose in Saratoga Springs. 

Vox Pop
1:28 pm
Thu May 22, 2014

Vox Pop : Science Forum : 5/22/14

It's the Science Forum today on Vox Pop today as we welcome back our esteemed panel of experts.