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Every Monday is a "Medical Monday."  Every Friday is a "Food Friday." 

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Monday, July 25
Medical Monday - Dr. Nora Perkins

Tuesday, July 26
Open Forum

Wednesday, July 27
Pop Culture

Thursday, July 28

Friday, July 29
Food Friday - Beer

  Times Union Sports Editor Pete Iorizzo and Daily Gazette Executive Sports Editor Mark McGuire join us today to talk sports. 

Joining us this afternoon for Medical Monday is Dr. Richard Jackson. He’s a board-certified neurologist at the Ellis Neuroscience Center in Schenectady and Clifton Park. 

Chocolate espresso cake
The Galley Gourmet

Claudia Crisan and Iggy Calabria of Crisan Bakery in Albany answer your questions about baking and pastry-making.


Today on Vox Pop, we’re joined by Gordon Fricke – owner and operator of Barber & Fricke Automotive Incorporated, an independent repair, auto body, towing and used car facility in Hoosick, New York, to talk cars and car repair.


It's Pets & Vets on this edition of Vox Pop with Dr. Ron Scharf of the Animal Hospital of Niskayuna, New York. WAMC's Ray Graf hosts.

This is a picture of Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders
wikipedia commons

  The Iowa Caucus is two weeks away. It’s the first formal balloting in the 2016 presidential election. As the candidates make their final pitches, voters are starting to make up their minds. And the results will give us the first real picture of who we could see in the White House come January 2017. What do you think? 

Joining us this afternoon for Medical Monday are Drs. Malcolm Paine and Kimberley Sampson. Both are specialists in obstetrics and gynecology with Dartmouth-Hitchcock Putnam Physicians at Southwestern Vermont Medical Center in Bennington. 

Our region boasts some of the finest chefs in the country. And we want to get to know as many of them as possible here on Food Friday. Today we are on with Chef Michael Ballon, owner and executive chef at the Castle Street Cafe in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

Fábio Olmos

Today on Vox Pop, bird expert Rich Guthrie is in the studio answering your avian inquiries. WAMC's Ray Graf hosts.  

Governor Andrew Cuomo
Office of Governor Andrew Cuomo

  Alan Chartock and Times Union Associate Editor Mike Spain discuss Governor Andrew Cuomo's 2016 combined State of the State and Executive Budget address. 

Powerball tickets

The world's largest lottery jackpot has grown to $1.5 billion...and counting!  The $1.5 billion prize would be paid in annual payments over 29 years, or a lump-sum payment of  $930 million.

Joining us this afternoon for Medical Monday is physiatrist Dr. Sara Narayan. She practices physical medicine and rehabilitation, and specializes in the non-surgical management of spinal conditions and musculoskeletal ailments.

Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

We are about a week into the New Year, when those resolutions to eat healthfully may start to lose their luster. We’re going to re-energize you today and talk about superfoods! Joining us in the studio to talk about these nutrient-dense treats and to answer your questions are food writer and nutrition educator Diane Whitten and nutrition professor Eileen Fitzpatrick of the Sage Colleges.

Here's an assortment of recipes that were discussed on Food Friday: Superfoods.

On this edition of Vox Pop, we welcome renowned astronomer Bob Berman to the studio to field all of your Astronomy-related questions.

drain pipes
247homerescue / Wikimedia Commons

It’s a new year, and with it will undoubtedly coming plumbing issues. We have two experts here with us today to answer your questions— Ian Cowen and Robert Benjamin of Mr. Rooter Plumbing in the Hudson Valley and Capital Region.

M. Glasgow / Flickr

President Barack Obama has unveiled steps aimed at expanding background checks to cover more firearms by requiring more people to register as federally licensed gun dealers. He’s bypassing Congress through a series of executive actions designed to narrow the so-called "gun show" loophole. Many critics, including former Florida governor Jeb Bush, are criticizing the move, saying it violates second amendment rights. What do you think?

Joining us this afternoon for Medical Monday is Dr. Jeff Perkins. He practices internal and preventative medicine in Albany, including some forms of holistic medicine, and is answering your questions on these topics. Hosted by Alan Chartock.

We welcome back our esteemed panel of experts to respond to your scientific inquiries.  

WAMC photo by Dave Lucas

It’s our Pets & Vets program this afternoon, and here to take your calls is Dr. Susan Sikule of the Just Cats Veterinary Clinic in Guilderland and Dr. Kristina Dallas of Ancient Arts Holistic Veterinary Services in Saratoga Springs.

Today on the Vox Pop, 2016 is almost upon us. So it’s time to make our annual political predictions for the New Year. Who will be our next president? Who will make a power grab? Who is going to be the center of the next scandal?

Dr. Howard Schlossberg
New York Oncology Hematology

Joining us on this Medical Monday is Dr. Howard Schlossberg. Dr. Schlossberg is a board-certified medical oncologist and hematologist with New York Oncology Hematology, and he’s here to answer your questions. 

Looks like it will be a Green Christmas this year. We welcome NewsChannel 13 meteorologist Jason Gough back to the show to discuss the unusually warm winter weather and to take your weather questions.    

Christmas Eve dinner table
Wikimedia Commons

Paul Masiero of Baba Louie’s Pizza in Great Barrington and Hudson and Rocco DeFazio of DeFazio’s Pizzeria in Troy join us in the studio to talk about the culinary traditions associated with Christmas Eve and Italian food.

Joining us on this Medical Monday is Dr. Carolyn Wolf-Gould. She’s a board-certified primary care physician who specializes in transgender medicine at the Susquehanna Family Practice in Oneonta, and she’s here to answer your questions.


Today on Vox Pop, we’re joined by Gordon Fricke – owner and operator of Barber & Fricke Automotive Incorporated, an independent repair, auto body, towing and used car facility in Hoosick, New York, to talk cars and car repair.

Star Wars parade
Official Star Wars Blog / Wikimedia Commons

This week is history-making in the world of pop culture. ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ hits theaters tomorrow, and legions of fans of one of the most successful movie franchises ever are lining up to see it. Pop culture journalist and professional geek Rick Marshall joins us to talk about the impact the ‘Star Wars’ franchise has on popular culture and society.

Joining us this afternoon to give us some perspective on the opioid crisis is Dr. Jennifer Michaels of the Brien Center for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services in Pittsfield.

Joining us on this Medical Monday is Dr. Michael Schweppe. He’s a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and the Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at Northern Dutchess Hospital. He’s here to answer your questions. 

Rye whiskey from Yankee Distillers

We talk spirits and distilling today with Scott Lunning, co-founder of Yankee Distillers in Clifton Park, NY. Ray Graf hosts.