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Every Monday is a "Medical Monday."  Every Friday is a "Food Friday." 

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Today on Vox Pop, we’re joined by Gordon Fricke – owner and operator of Barber & Fricke Automotive Incorporated, an independent repair, auto body, towing and used car facility in Hoosick, New York, to talk cars and car repair.

We welcome back our esteemed panel of experts to respond to your scientific inquiries.  

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The 2016 presidential race is a crowded one thus far, especially on the Republican side. From Scott Walker to Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, there are a lot of GOP candidates making bold claims. Perhaps the boldest, and arguably the most foolish, have been the statements of Donald Trump. Is his spate of rash comments on immigrants and prisoners of war part of a calculated strategy, or is it just the foolish words of a bumbling celebrity billionaire who has overstated relevance? We want to know what you think.

Joining us today is Dr. Stanley Shapshay. He’s a board-certified otolaryngologist—that’s ear nose and throat—with Albany Medical Center.

I scream. You scream. We all scream for….you guessed it, ice cream! This sweet treat is a hallmark of summer, and universally enjoyed the world over in many different flavors, colors and forms. From soft-serve to gelato, black cherry to death by chocolate, we’ll have you screaming for ice cream by the end of this show. Paul Nasrani of the Adirondack Creamery joins us in the studio today.

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Are you thinking about buying or selling a home? We have a licensed real estate professional in the studio with us today to answer your questions. Alexander Monticello of Monticello Real Estate. He specializes in residential sales for buyers and sellers in the Capital Region. 

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It's tech galore on this edition of Vox Pop; it's the computer show with Tony Yang of Gig Computers, hosted by WAMC's Ray Graf.

What do you think of the deal to curb Iran’s nuclear program? Is it really the landmark peacemaker that some are calling it? Or is it the historic mistake that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is making it out to be? We want to hear from you. Our guest is Union College's Thomas Lobe.

Joining us today is Dr. Fabio Danisi. He’s a board-certified neurologist with Health Quest Medical Practice’s Neuroscience Division in Kingston. He specializes in movement disorders, Parkinson’s disease, tics and tremors and injection therapy for migraine sufferers.

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Before you grab those picnic baskets and head out to dine al fresco, we have some experts in the studio who will give you great pointers on what to bring and what to serve at your next picnic. Food blogger and cooking instructor Deanna Fox joins us, as well as Heidi Hoyt, owner of Parkside Eatery in Saratoga Springs.