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Vox Pop is WAMC's live call-in talk program. Guests with expertise in areas ranging from Astronomy to George Washington speak with WAMC's hosts and answer questions posed by WAMC listeners. We also have a number of forums and guests who are regulars to Vox Pop such as our Science Forum and Gardening program.

Every Monday is a "Medical Monday."  Every Friday is a "Food Friday." 

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Coming up on Vox Pop:

Monday, January 26
Medical Monday - Dr. Dean Limeri - Primary Care

Tuesday, January 27
Open Forum 

Wednesday, January 28
Pets & Vets - Drs. Michel Hardacker & Kelly Spence

Thursday, January 29
Winter Gardening

Friday, January 30
Food Friday - The Wonders of Honey

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Vox Pop
12:30 pm
Mon September 22, 2014

Medical Monday : Dr. Michele Gorla

Credit Ellis Medicine

In the studio today for Medical Monday is Dr. Michele Gorla, a board-certified sleep specialist at Ellis Medicine in Schenectady. He’s here to answer your questions about a range of sleep related topics, including sleep apnea, insomnia, narcolepsy, restless leg syndrome and parasomnias.

Vox Pop
12:30 pm
Fri September 19, 2014

Food Friday: Slow Cooker Meals

Credit Janine / Flickr

We have two experts in the studio today who are masters of cooking with the slow cooker: cookbook author Michele Scicolone, and culinary artist Carole Murko of Heirloom Meals

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Vox Pop
12:30 pm
Thu September 18, 2014

Science Forum : 9/18/14

It's the Science Forum today on Vox Pop today as we welcome back our esteemed panel of experts.  

Vox Pop
12:30 pm
Wed September 17, 2014

Open Forum: Self-Defense

Credit Rosey-OR/ Flickr

Today we’re talking about the very important topic of self-defense. We have two self-defense experts in the studio with us today to answer your questions about self-defense and self-defense techniques. John Borter is owner and head instructor of the Modern Self-Defense Academy here in Albany, and Dan Tuczinski, a self-defense instructor and a lawyer specializing in legal issues surrounding self-defense.

Vox Pop
1:35 pm
Tue September 16, 2014

Open Forum : Corporal Punishment

Credit wikipedia.org

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is in the headlines this week, after multiple allegations of child abuse surfaced. He faces charges in Texas for whipping his 4-year-old son with a tree branch. His lawyers say the charges they’re unfounded, and Peterson, who was publicly subjected to corporal punishment as a child, is both defending his parenting skills and his place in the NFL.

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Vox Pop
12:30 pm
Mon September 15, 2014

Medical Monday : Dr. Scott Beegle : Pulmonary Disease


In the studio today for Medical Monday is Dr. Scott Beegle, a board-certified pulmonologist at Albany Medical Center’s Pulmonary and Critical Care Center. He specializes in lung infections and disease, pneumonia, COPD and post-lung transplant care among many other pulmonary conditions, and is here to answer your questions on those topics.

Vox Pop
12:41 pm
Fri September 12, 2014

Food Friday: Pasta

Credit "Rotini Yellow Red Green" by Stilfehler

Many of us eat it every day, in many, many different ways. We have two pasta-making geniuses in the studio with us to talk about this wonderful, adaptable food. Chef Jim Rua of Café Capriccio here in Albany is here, as is Chef Dan Smith of John Andrews Farmhouse Restaurant in South Egremont, Massachusetts.

Vox Pop
12:30 pm
Thu September 11, 2014

Birding with Rich Guthrie : 9/11/14

Today on Vox Pop, bird expert Rich Guthrie is in the studio answering your avian inquiries.WAMC's Ray Graf hosts.

Vox Pop
12:30 pm
Wed September 10, 2014

Music: Tony Levin

Legendary bassist, musician and composer Tony Levin is in the studio, kicking off a brand new tour with King Crimson this week here in Albany.

Vox Pop
12:30 pm
Tue September 9, 2014

Open Forum: Counter-Terrorism in Iraq & Syria

Malcolm Nance, a leading expert in counter-terrorisim intelligence, joins us for a Vox Pop. He’s going to help shed some light on how the United States could respond to the threat from the group calling itself the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, as President Obama prepares to address the nation with his plans.