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A number of state and federal agencies are going to begin working together in Massachusetts in an effort to fight the illegal prescribing and dispensing of opioids.

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey Wednesday introduced participants in a new interagency working group who will zero-in on the “ unlawful” and “ irresponsible” prescribing of pain medication, which Healey and others say is a key factor in the alarming rise of opioid-related overdoses and deaths in Massachusetts.

Keith Strudler: Sarah From Seattle

Jan 20, 2016

When you’re upset, sometimes you say things you don’t really mean. That’s what I’ve been told. So we’ll just have to hope that Sarah from Seattle was really upset when she wrote her message to Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton after they beat the Seattle Seahawks in the NFL playoffs, a message that was posted on a Seattle TV Network’s Facebook wall. Sarah’s note took Newton to task, but not because he beat her beloved Seahawks. It seems the problem was that Cam grabbed a 12th man flag dangling from the stands over the tunnel and threw it on the ground as he celebrated. For those not in Seattle or College Station, Texas, the 12th man is the expression used for Seattle fans, and Texas A&M fans, inferring their vocal support is like having a 12th man on the field, instead of the 11 mandated by the rules. According to Sarah, when Cam threw that flag to the turf, a flag that was being waved in Cam’s face as he walked towards the lockers, he insulted more than just some guy in the stands. In fact, according to Sarah, he insulted more than even the entire Seattle fan base, which is probably unusually large because they’ve been to the past two Super Bowls. According to this fan Sarah, who felt the need to express her thoughts to a news network and their corresponding public, Cam Newton’s actions insulted, and these are now her words, “a community that feeds and clothes the homeless, that raises funds for families in hard times, that helps a 3-year-old battle cancer, and that has more grace and respect than you (Cam Newton, that is) can imagine.”

This is a picture of Iranian students entering U.S. Embassy in Tehran in 1979
wikipedia commons

Today marks 35 years since American hostages held for 444 days in Iran were released. Soon, the surviving members and their families will finally be compensated for the troubles they endured.

Garett Argianas' Evening Forecast

Jan 20, 2016

Meteorologist Garett Argianas delivers the evening weather forecast for Wednesday, January 20, 2016.

With lawmakers back in Montpelier, the Vermont Mayors Coalition has issued its annual list of legislative priorities that need action or passage in the Vermont statehouse.

Republicans repeat over and over that they want to take back the Constitution. That’s nonsense. Actually they are trying to destroy it. It’s important to understand where it comes from. After the Civil War, generations of Southern writers tried to win the peace after losing the War. They succeeded. There is no chance that you were not brought up familiar with elements of it.

Meteorologist Garett Argianas' Evening Forecast

Jan 19, 2016

Meteorologist Garett Argianas delivers the evening weather forecast for Tuesday, January 19, 2016.

WAMC Photo by Dave Lucas

City crews are working to repair a broken 33-inch water main in Troy.

LATHAM – There are few things in theater more satisfying than a mystery.  The good ones keep you engrossed as you try to match wits with the playwright as each new twist and turn leads you down a confusing labyrinth of mystery.   The very best usually have plenty of humor to keep things light.

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Newburgh

Our region is marking the Martin Luther King Day holiday today. Habitat for Humanity of Greater Newburgh held its 5th Annual MLK Day of Service. Volunteers worked on gutting houses while kids were building birdhouses.

Some 65 volunteers with Habitat Newburgh worked on four houses on South Miller Street, part of the city’s historic district. They braved blustery conditions and a temperature of just 25 degrees. Celeste Bloomer is a house captain who has been volunteering with Habitat for about 16 years.