2014 Massachusetts State Legislature

Massachusetts State House

An advisory commission is recommending pay increases for all the top elected state officials in Massachusetts, including hefty hikes in the salaries for the governor, the House speaker and Senate president.  A fiscal watchdog is critical.  Legislators have reacted cautiously.       

The panel’s proposal, if adopted, would make the Massachusetts governor the second highest paid nationally—behind Pennsylvania – raising the annual salary from the current $151,800 to $185,000. There is also a recommendation for a $65,000 housing allowance for the governor.

In 2013, Massachusetts saw a 3-cent tax hike on gas and the reinstatement of tolls on the westernmost portion of the Mass Pike. Democrat Smitty Pignatelli represents the 4th Berkshire District. He says he understands the state’s need to raise revenue to fund its $500 million transportation finance package, but is hoping for some relief for his travel-dependent constituents.