51% Extended Segments

Albany, NY – BILLBOARD - Susan Barnett(1:12)
Claudia Corrigan D'Arcy is one of the lucky ones - she found the son she'd given up when she was 19 and he wanted to be found. They met in March of last year. They are building a relationship. During D'Arcy's search for her son, she discovered what she calls the secret of adoption...it's a business.

9:00 D'Arcy

Albany, NY – Ferraro recalls the mixed emotions and emotional self-control she exerted as Democratic nominee for vice-president in 1984.

Albany, NY – Bernstein discusses Hillary Clinton during the Lewinsky scandal, and her relationship with Bill Clinton during his political career.

Albany, NY – Ann Friedman, editor of feministing.com, talks about the feminist generation gap when it comes to Hillary Clinton -- especially in the choice between Clinton and Barack Obama.

Albany, NY – Ferraro and addresses race and gender in the current presidential election, and puts the competition in context.

Albany, NY – 51%'s Joe Donahue asks Madeline Albright about her endorsement of Hillary Clinton and her latest book, Memo to the President Elect.

Albany, NY – Center for Menstrual Cycle and Ovulation Research: www.cemcor.ubc.ca

Planned Parenthood: www.plannedparenthood.org

Wyeth: www.wyeth.com/hcp/lybrel


Albany, NY – Author of This Common Secret, the abortion providor gives insights into her pro-choice activism, her plans for another book and tips for finding a local clinic

Albany, NY – Judy Gold is full of opinions...and since not all of them fit into 51%'s "Funny business," we chose to put a longer version of her conversation with Julia Taylor on the Web site.

Albany, NY – Rachel Talbot directed Making Trouble, a documentary about female Jewish comics. Not all of her conversation with Julia Taylor could fit into Episode 960 of 51%, so here is a longer version of their conversation.

Albany, NY – Is chocolate addictive? And does it always evoke pleasant reactions for women? For answers, we turned to psychologist Antonio Cepeda-Benito, of Texas A&M University.

Albany, NY – Hillary Clinton is no newcomer to politics. We all know her as a Senator from New York and the former First Lady of both the nation and Arkansas. But Clinton started her political activism very young...in fact, she started out agitating for the Republican party, serving as president of Wellesley's College Republicans.

Albany, NY – Policies matter in a presidential election, but let's face it: so does image. It's spin season in the U.S., and Hillary Clinton has assembled quite a team of masters to help her create a trustworthy image. In fact, many criticize Clinton of over-planning her public persona. As the first woman front-runner for president, she's got a bevvy of expectations to contend with - and everything seems fair game for analysis, from her demeanor to her wardrobe to her laugh.

Albany, NY – Ana Nogales specializes in treating Latinas living in the United States. Nogales appears on Spanish-language television shows on channels like Univision, and has even had her own Spanish-language radio call-in show. I met with Nogales at the Omega Institute in New York's Hudson Valley. She began by telling me how she ended up in psychology.


Albany, NY – The radiologist from River Radiology in New York's Hudson Valley talks about advances in screening, diagnosis, and the social effects of breast cancer treatment