Aid In Dying

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People who say the terminally ill should have a legal option to end their lives with medical aid presented petitions to Governor Andrew Cuomo on Thursday, asking that he and the New York state legislature make that change.

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Legislation that would allow a physician to assist a terminally ill patient to die has been stalled in the New York state legislature but the state’s highest court will hear arguments in the debate Tuesday. The Court of Appeals will hear Myers v. Schneiderman, a legal argument that supporters say is needed to bring clarity to the issue, but opponents say such a law could open the door to a dangerous and inherently discriminatory practice.


A bill to make it legal for terminally ill patients to end their lives is being debated in the New York legislature. While many have compelling personal cases for allowing the practice, others, including the Catholic Church, remain opposed.  

HV Assemblywoman Hosts Aid in Dying Forum

Feb 9, 2016
WAMC, Allison Dunne

A New York assemblywoman has introduced a bill to allow Aid in Dying and recently held her first forum on the topic. Amy Paulin, a Westchester Democrat, acknowledges the sensitive and emotional nature of the issue but remains hopeful about her bill becoming law.

Paulin, from Scarsdale, says her bill is newly introduced this legislative session and in its third form, adding more protections than in previous iterations.  

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The Vermont Senate is poised to debate a compromise proposal on aid-in-dying legislation that supporters are giving a strong chance of passage.