The Roundtable
10:10 am
Fri March 15, 2013

"Animal Wise: The Thoughts and Emotions of Our Fellow Creatures" by Virginia Morell

      Did you know that ants teach, earthworms make decisions, rats love to be tickled, and chimps grieve? Did you know that some dogs have thousand-word vocabularies and that birds practice songs in their sleep? That crows improvise tools, blue jays plan ahead, and moths remember living as caterpillars?

Animal Wise takes us on a dazzling odyssey into the inner world of animals, from ants to elephants to wolves, and from sharp-shooting archerfish to pods of dolphins that rumble like rival street gangs. With 30 years of experience covering the sciences, Virginia Morell uses her formidable gifts as a story-teller to transport us to field sites and laboratories around the world, introducing us to pioneering animal-cognition researchers and their surprisingly intelligent and sensitive subjects.

Vox Pop
3:00 pm
Wed February 27, 2013

Vox Pop : Pets & Vets - Dr. Frank Akawi : 2/27/13

Dr. Frank Akawi
Credit Greenfield Animal Hospital

Today on Vox Pop we welcome Dr. Frank Akawi of Greenfield Animal Hospital in Greenfield Center, New York.

A native Jordanian, Dr. Akawi studied animal science as an undergraduate in Baghdad. Once in the United States, he earned a masters degree in reproductive physiology, an MBA, and a PhD in pet health management. He also obtained a veterinary degree from Ross University.

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The Roundtable
11:35 am
Tue September 25, 2012

Dancing Dogs by Jon Katz

No one brings to life the remarkable bond between humans and their dogs like New York Times bestselling author Jon Katz.

He has gained great readership with enchanting tales and keen observations of his animal menagerie—the dogs, sheep, chickens, and other residents of Bedlam Farm. Now, Katz is back with his first collection of short stories, Dancing Dogs.

The Roundtable
10:10 am
Thu September 6, 2012

Wallace by Jim Gorant

Today, Wallace is a champion. But in the summer of 2005, he was living in a shelter, a refugee from a suspicious pit bull–breeding operation. Then Andrew “Roo” Yori entered the picture. A scientist and shelter volunteer, Roo could tell immediately that Wallace was something special.

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The Roundtable - Listener Essay
11:35 am
Thu August 30, 2012

Listener Essay - Roger Caras

Jeanne Hunter lives in Catskill, NY.

The Roundtable
11:12 am
Thu August 30, 2012

Wayne Pacelle - President of the Humane Society of the United States

Wayne Pacelle, the president of the Humane Society of the United States, joins us this morning to talk about his new book, The Bond: Our Kinship with Animals, Our Call to Defend Them, an examination of the deep links of the human-animal bond, as well as the conflicting impulses that have led us to betray this bond.

Arts & Culture
10:10 am
Wed July 25, 2012

Big Apple Circus in Lake George, NY

The traveling Big Apple Circus is ending its 34th season this weekend in Lake George, New York, just weeks before the start of their 35th season in September. We went under the Big Top to talk with a trio of performers who have worked in the ring since childhood and now are at the height, sometimes literally, of their professions.

The Roundtable
11:30 am
Tue July 3, 2012

Out of the Pits' Artful Canine Show at The Way Out Gallery in Rensselaerville, NY

Helen of Troy

We are joined in studio by Cydney Cross (President of Out of the Pits, Inc.), Helene Goldberger (board member), and Helen of Troy - a rescue-turned-therapy dog, to discuss the work that Out of the Pits does to save pitbulls and help their public image. The Artful Canine Show at the Way Out Gallery is a fundraiser for Out of the Pits - with artwork from Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson, Sue Coe, Dorothy McDevitt, and many others.

The Roundtable
10:35 am
Fri June 22, 2012

"A Dog's Journey: Another Novel for Humans"

We welcome W. Bruce Cameron and speak with him about A Dog's Journey .

The Roundtable
10:51 am
Wed May 23, 2012

Veg-Curious? at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

Jenny Brown tells us about the new Bed and Breakfast at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary and their upcoming Veg-Curious? event on June 2nd. The speakers at the event will be Jenny, Kris Carr, Sharon Gannon, and Will Tuttle.