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Oneida Reservation, NY – Julia Taylor Kennedy briefly returns to The Roundtable to help us with this story for our series.

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Manhattan, NY – The Fourth Annual Woodstock Film Festival kicks off next month. The lineup of more than one-hundred thirty films includes feature films and documentaries about music and social responsibility. And how fitting - there's even a documentary about a crisis in Woodstock. WAMC Hudson Valley Bureau Chief Allison Dunne was in New York City for the announcement of the lineups, and spoke with some there.

Albany, NY – Graphic novels are different from pamphlet-sized monthly comic books aimed at children and nostalgic adults. The best graphic novels target adult readers looking for sophisticated reading material that can often enlighten and inform in addition to providing hours of entertainment. At this year's San Diego comics convention, Top Shelf Productions made a splash with one of the most anticipated graphic novels of the year, "Blankets" by Craig Thompson. WAMC's Alan Doane looks at "Blankets."

Albany, NY – In the days after Baghdad fell to coalition forces, there was looting and vandalism at the Iraqi National Museum. A college professor from our region is just back from a meeting in London where the U.S. Army official in charge of investigating the looting at the museum in Baghdad and recovering the missing items gave an update to historians and researchers. WAMC's Brian Shields reports.

Williamstown, MA – The Clark Art Institute in Wlliamstown, Massachusetts has launched a new community outreach program to bring local students to the museum and classic arts into the classroom. Begun in October with students from Drury High School a recent grant will allow the program to begin drawing students the Pittsfield school system. Berkshire Bureau Chief Arlen Cellana files this report.