asteroid DA14

David Nightingale: Asteroid DA14

Feb 15, 2013

The asteroid “DA14”, which will hurtle past us sometime after lunch today, was discovered by Spanish observers last year.

Our highest satellites, used for GPS, are just over 22,000 miles up, and DA14 will pass underneath that level – coming about 17,000 miles from us. Fortunately, NASA assures us we are safe.

Now Earth and Moon have been hit many times, over the eons, by asteroids.The explosive 1908 Tunguska asteroid, a similar size to the one passing us on Friday  (which for a while many suspected might have been a mini-black hole) damaged 800 square miles of Siberia.

A meteor exploded in the sky over Russia this morning that officials say blasted out countless windows and injured over 1,000 people.

WAMC's Brian Shields spoke today with world renowned astronomer and frequent Vox Pop guest Bob Berman about today’s amazing astrological phenomenon.