Berkshire County District Attorney

Judith Knight, a private practice attorney from Great Barrington, Massachusetts, is running in this summer’s Democratic primary for Berkshire County District Attorney seat. It’s not her first time. In 2006, she ran against then-DA David Capeless. Now she faces his longtime second-in-command Paul Caccaviello, who was appointed to replace Capeless in advance of this year’s election. She’s also up against another Great Barrington attorney, Andrea Harrington. Below is a WAMC web exclusive where Knight talks about her 2006 bid against Capeless.

Berkshire DA Announces Surprise Retirement

Mar 1, 2018
Josh Landes

At times choking up, Berkshire District Attorney David Capeless surprised the county by announcing his retirement Thursday morning.

A Pittsfield, Massachusetts man is facing charges for allegedly harassing an assistant Berkshire district attorney.

Berkshire County District Attorney David Capeless is scheduled to take the oath of office marking the start of his third full term Tuesday.

Berkshire County District Attorney David Capeless announced Thursday he will run for reelection in November.

Capeless says the recent guilty verdicts and subsequent life sentencing of Adam Lee Hall for the gruesome murders of three Berkshire County men in 2011 will help his run for another four-year term.