Bernie Sanders

1:41 pm
Sun February 10, 2013

Sanders bill would crack down on tax havens

U.S. Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders

MONTPELIER, VT. (AP) — U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont is pushing legislation to stop corporations from sheltering income in the Cayman Islands and other tax havens. The legislation also would end tax breaks for companies that ship jobs and factories overseas.

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New England News
6:20 pm
Fri November 9, 2012

Veterans Groups Speak Out in Opposition to Benefit Reduction Scheme

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders

Most people have never heard of the "Chained CPI", a proposal in Congress that would, if approved, reduce benefits to veterans, federal retirees and Social Security recipients.  Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and numerous groups discussed their efforts to stop the Chained CPI during a conference call Friday.

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