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Caddyshack: The Making Of A Hollywood Cinderella Story
Caddyshack: The Making Of A Hollywood Cinderella Story

We’re going to talk now about a Cinderella story out of nowhere that remains a cultural touchstone nearly four decades after filming began on an unsuspecting golf course in Florida. According to a new book by Chris Nashawaty, despite being made by an inexperienced director on a drug-fueled set, “Caddyshack” cemented the film legacy of its stars, furthered the “National Lampoon” brand, and gave the sports world an entire rolodex of new catchphrases. Nashawaty’s book is called “Caddyshack: The Making of a Hollywood Cinderella Story.”

Rob Edelman: Saint Bill Murray

Nov 3, 2014

Tis the season to celebrate Bill Murray, that enduringly popular and, yes, beloved SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE alumnus who in recent years has morphed into a top-of-the-line movie star. Murray’s singular presence uplifts and makes special his latest film, ST. VINCENT, in which he plays a smart-mouthed, alcohol-loving scallywag who resides in Brooklyn (which these days has replaced Manhattan as the hip New York City locale). The core of the story involves what happens when Vincent becomes the unlikely mentor to a pre-teen boy whose mother is divorced and who is in desperate need of a role model.

Rob Edelman: “Perfect” Politicians

Sep 24, 2012

With the election of a U.S. president much in the news, one soon-to-be-released film takes on extra-special resonance. That film is HYDE PARK ON HUDSON, which was screened at the Toronto Film Festival and is scheduled to open theatrically in December.