Bill Sorrell

Former Vermont Attorney General Bill Sorrell
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A retired Vermont Attorney general testified in a public records case Monday.  But the attorney for a group seeking access to public records that could be contained in the private email account of former Attorney General William Sorrell says Sorrell refused to answer 95 percent of the questions posed to him.

Former Vermont Attorney General Bill Sorrell
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In January, Vermont will have a new attorney general for the first time in a generation.  Incumbent Bill Sorrell announced in September 2015 that he would not seek reelection this year after serving in the post since 1997.  The longest-serving attorney general in the state’s history says that after nearly 20 years in the office it was time to let someone new take the post.

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The Vermont attorney general joined the Federal Trade Commission chairwoman this afternoon to announce a settlement with the operators of Toronto-based dating site after the company deceived consumers and failed to protect account information before a July 2015 data breach.

Vermont Attorney General Bill Sorrell
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Bill Sorrell is the longest serving Attorney General in Vermont history.  First appointed to the office by Governor Howard Dean, he was initially sworn in on May 1, 1997.  He has since won re-election every two years. But on September 28th,   Sorrell announced that he will not run again.  The Attorney General tells WAMC North Country Bureau Chief  Pat Bradley why he decided to retire.

Vermont Attorney General T.J. Donovan
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There may be a rematch in the race for Vermont Attorney General.  Chittenden County State's Attorney T.J. Donovan  has announced that he will again seek the Democratic nomination in 2016.  But incumbent Democrat Bill Sorrell has not decided if he will stand for re-election.

Former Vermont Attorney General Bill Sorrell
WAMC/Pat Bradley

The Vermont legislature passed a law last session requiring the labeling of genetically modified foods.  It was immediately challenged by major food producers.  Vermont Attorney General Bill Sorrell is defending the law. That was among the topics he discussed earlier this week with WAMC’s North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley.

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Vermont Attorney General William Sorrell announced this week that his office is taking action against online predatory lenders.  He is using provisions of a law unique to Vermont to curb not only the lenders, but the payment processors.

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The state of Vermont has settled two “cramming” lawsuits that will refund more than $900,000 to 12,500 Vermont consumers.  Vermont’s Attorney General talks about the settlement and a multi-state effort to curb the third-party billing practice.

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Vermont Attorney General Bill Sorrell says he has some unfinished business he wants to complete, so the 66-year-old says he'll seek another term next year.

On Wednesday, the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a lower court decision invalidating two Vermont laws pertaining to state oversight of the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant. Vermont Attorney General Bill Sorrell tells North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley that while many aspects of the decision were disappointing for the state, there were some important determinations in the state’s favor.

One of the most-watched contests in Vermont this election season is the race for the state Attorney General.  The state’s largest newspaper recently hosted a debate between the three candidates vying for the position.