Blue-Green Algae


The public is being urged to avoid two water bodies within the city of Albany.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has identified that Washington Park Lake and Buckingham Pond have been infected with Blue-Green Algae Bloom. Both lake and pond are located in heavily-trafficked populated areas.

Residents should be aware of the following guidelines:

Lake Champlain Basin Program/Larry Dupont

More than 200 volunteers have been trained to monitor Lake Champlain this summer for any formation of toxic blue-green algae blooms.

Credit Lake Champlain Basin Program/Larry DupontCyanobacteria (Blue-Green Algae) Blooms looking south on Lake Champlain from the Missisquoi Bay Bridge. Photo by Larry DupontEdit | Remove

More than 200 volunteers will monitor Lake Champlain this summer for signs of blue-green algae blooms.