Bob Goepfert

New Lebanon - Theater Barn in New Lebanon is ending their summer season with “The Addams Family,” a happy, bright and enjoyable musical. 

With the play “Tomorrow in the Battle,” Stageworks in Hudson, NY has coined a new term - “World Premiere Revival.”

“Dancing Lessons” is a delightful theater experience.  That, despite the fact, it is a  romantic-comedy that does not offer a look at anything new.  Instead it’s refreshing look at a familiar story.

Bob Goepfert Reviews "Cirque Eloize" At Proctors

Aug 5, 2014

Every summer there is one sleeper event – a show that is unexpected in the fun it provides.  This year that show is “iD,” performed by Cirque Eloize at Proctors Theatre in Schenectady.

Bob Goepfert: Saratoga Shakespeare's "MacBeth"

Jul 22, 2014

At the top of the conventional wisdom list is the assumption that if you do a play of William Shakespeare in an outdoor setting, you must choose a comedy or a romance.  Under no circumstance should you do a tragedy outside.

Bob Goepfert Reviews "Hands On A Hardbody"

Jul 20, 2014

“Hands on a Hardbody,” is a tender, contemporary musical about the American dream.  It’s about ten people who enter a contest that demands a person keep at least one hand on a truck until all others drop out.  The last person standing wins the vehicle.

Bob Goepfert Reviews "The Outgoing Tide"

Jul 19, 2014

“The Outgoing Tide” looks at a small family who is spending time at their seasonal home on the Chesapeake.   The parents, Gunner and Peg, who have been married over 50 years, are visited by their only child, Jack. 

Bob Goepfert Reviews "The Whale"

Jul 15, 2014

GLENS FALLS – “The Whale” is more than a good drama – it’s a genuine tragedy. It is about good people who succumb to their flaws and live lives that are hurtful to themselves and others. The work, which continues at Adirondack Theatre Festival through Saturday, is especially unique in that its central character is physically grotesque and self-destructive in nature. The emotions of the other characters are equally as disturbing.

Bob Goepfert Reviews "You Should Be So Lucky"

Jul 2, 2014

New Lebanon - “You Should Be So Lucky,” a farce playing at the Theater Barn in New Lebanon through Sunday, is proof that to be totally satisfying a comedy needs more than a funny premise.

The production is very funny when showing what happens to the very shy Christopher when he inherits $10 million from a casual acquaintance.   

Bob Goepfert Reviews "The Magic Flute"

Jun 22, 2014

“The Magic Flute,” which is being presented by Opera Saratoga in repertory through June 28, is a remarkable opera in all ways.