The Brattleboro Museum and Art Center, based in Brattleboro, Vermont, is an independent, non-collecting museum which showcases a plethora of contemporary art from regional artists to international icons alike.

On Saturday March 14th, five new exhibits opened at the museum. Collectively, three exhibits serve as an exploration fiber art and the other two showcase the work of southern Vermont artists.

They are entitled: Gathering Threads, Dialogue: Lindenfeld + Lindenfeld, Children of the Oasis, Donald Saaf: Contemporary Folk Tales, and Love, Labor, Worship: The People of Basin Farm.

Here to tell us more about the museum’s new exhibits is director of the BMAC, Danny Lichtenfeld.


After several tries, Brattleboro, Vermont, has a new town manager.


The top candidate to fill the open town manager’s position in Brattleboro, Vermont backed out of the job two hours before the selectboard was set to announce and confirm his contract Tuesday. It’s the third setback in the process for the Windham County town of 12,000.


In its third try to find a town manager, Brattleboro has 49 applicants to consider.


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Brattleboro, Vermont is beginning its third attempt to find a new town manager.

Archer Mayor is the author of the highly acclaimed, Vermont-based series featuring detective Joe Gunther, which the Chicago Tribune describes as "the best police procedurals being written in America." In the new book, Paradise City, Joe Gunther investigates Vermont burglaries and a murder leads him to Northampton, Massachusetts.