Burlington City Council

Burlington City Council considers Burlington Town Center resolution
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The Burlington City Council has passed a resolution that authorizes the developer of a major downtown redevelopment to begin executing the plan.

Burlington City Council hears comment from the public on Burlington Telecom sale at 10-16-17 meeting
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The Burlington City Council narrowed the number of bidders seeking to buy Burlington Telecom to two on Monday night.  The council faced an auditorium filled with residents supporting the only local bidder – a co-op that councilors and the mayor have expressed some hesitancy over.

Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger (left) and Burlington Telecom Advisory Board Chair David Provost
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Burlington’s mayor has offered his recommendation for which finalists he believes the City Council should advance the final round of consideration as the city sells its telecommunications service.

Ali Dieng
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Ali Dieng, a native of West Africa, has won a seat on Burlington's City Council.

Burlington, VT Police car
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This week, the Burlington City Council passed a Fair and Impartial Policing Policy that meets a state mandate, but avoids federal designation as a sanctuary city.

Burlington City Hall
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The Burlington City Council passed a budget Monday evening.  In presenting his formal request for passage, the mayor said the plan includes strategic investments in public safety, infrastructure and sustainability — without resulting in a tax increase.

Standing from left as they are sworn in are Joan Shannon, David Hartnett, Jane Knodell and Richard Deane
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Monday evening’s meeting of the Burlington City Council was its “Organization Day” — the time when newly elected and re-elected city council members are sworn-in and a council president is selected.

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Vermont's largest city will ask its residents to vote this spring on raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Guy Fawkes mask
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The masks are going back on in Vermont’s largest city. The Burlington city council recently approved revisions to a decades-old city ordinance that banned adults wearing masks.

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Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger has presented the City Council with a revised Housing Action Plan. The city’s leaders were originally slated to endorse the plan this month, but their vote has been delayed.

Burlington City Hall
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A month after Town Meeting Day, Vermont’s largest city is getting back to business. Burlington leaders were sworn in last night and Mayor Miro Weinberger delivered his State of the City address.

Burlington Electric Department

The interim general manager of the Burlington Electric Department has been nominated to serve in the position permanently.

Burlington City Hall
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A large crowd was at City Hall Monday night for the last public hearing on three gun-control provisions proposed by the Burlington City Council. 

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The Burlington City Council has approved two gun control measures and sent a third back to committee.

U.S. Air Force

Days before the U.S. Air Force could make its decision whether to base new F-35 fighter jets at the Burlington International Airport, the Burlington City Council voted down resolutions aimed at preventing the planes from flying at the airport.  But opponents are not giving up on their efforts.

U.S. Air Force

Burlington’s city attorney has released a report indicating the City Council has no authority to stop the military from basing F-35 fighter jets at the International Airport.

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The city of Burlington has purchased an insurance policy for protection against potential lawsuits in connection with its airport. Now that the policy has been obtained, a delayed plan by the City Council to debate and vote on two resolutions related to basing F-35 fighter jets at the airport can be re-scheduled.

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The latest controversy over the potential basing of F-35 fighter jets at the Burlington International Airport isn’t over the plane. It’s about why the Burlington City Council has cancelled a review of the matter.

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The head of the city council in the Vermont city of Burlington says the council will not discuss the F-35 fighter jet at its upcoming meeting because of a lack of the proper insurance.

U.S. Air Force

The Burlington City Council heard public comment Monday night on a controversial U.S. Air Force proposal to base F-35 fighter jets at the National Guard base at the Burlington International Airport.


A committee of the Burlington City council is reviewing a law that requires businesses that contract with the city to pay a livable wage.


A Vermont gun club has barred a city’s police department from its firing range after city leaders approved a measure that could lead to an assault weapons ban.

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In the wake of the recent school shooting in Connecticut a city councilor in Vermont's largest city has drafted a proposed municipal charter change to ban ownership of assault weapons with high-capacity ammunition clips in the city.


Burlington leaders have approved resolutions opposing the transport of tar sands oil through Vermont.

During their weekly meeting, Burlington Vermont City Councillors passed resolutions opposing a plan to transport tar sand oil from Canada thru Vermont.

It also called on the state to phase out any fuel purchases that originate from tar sands and asks that the city divest in any investments related to tar sands.  

Mayor Miro Weinberger approved and signed the resolutions on Thursday.


Burlington's City Council has voted to reserve first-option rights on the purchase of a hydro plant on the Winooski River.

The Burlington Free Press reports that means the city's Electric Department will pay a $100,000 deposit to the private owners of the 7.3 megawatt Winooski One plant.

That deposit would either apply to the purchase price, or be returned if city voters don't authorize funds for the deal.

The full price of the three-turbine facility hasn't been determined.


Voters in the Vermont city of Burlington will be asked in November whether they would support legalizing and taxing marijuana.

The Burlington City Council on Monday approved several measures for the November ballot, including the pot question.

WCAX-TV reports that voters also will be asked whether they support a $9 million bond to help boost the city's credit rating and a half-cent increase in the property tax to help pay for rehabilitating the bike path.

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The Burlington city council is going to consider asking voters in Vermont's largest city whether marijuana should be legalized and taxed.

Progressive Councilor Max Tracy says he is planning to ask the council next week to consider adding the non-binding referendum to the city's ballot in November.

He says the idea is not an endorsement of marijuana use nor a call for legislative action. Rather, he says it's a way to survey the opinion of voters on the issue.