Campaign Finance Reports

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Candidates, political action committees and parties in Vermont were required to file updated campaign finance reports Tuesday. Incumbent Governor Peter Shumlin’s account is far ahead of his key challenger, while the lieutenant governor’s race is competitive.

Steve Johnson/Flickr

Republican candidate for governor, Scott Milne of Pomfret has logged contributions of more than $20,000 for his campaign this reporting period.

Vermont U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders has raised nearly $ 7 million in his bid for a second six-year term.

That's expected to dwarf the fundraising efforts of Republican challenger John MacGovern, who had raised less than $30,000 as of early August. Updated numbers for him were not immediately available.

Monday was a deadline for campaign finance reports for both federal and state elections in Vermont.

Campaign finance reports by Vermont candidates were due Wednesday. While the incumbent Governor is easily outpacing his challenger, the current Attorney General is falling behind his primary challenger.

Incumbent Democratic Governor Peter Shumlin has raised nearly $840,000 so far his campaign, with about $769,000 cash in the bank.  His challenger, Republican state Senator Randy Brock reported about $585,000 in contributions so far, including $300,000 from himself, with about $234,000 cash on hand. Middlebury College Professor Emeritus of Political Science Eric Davis.