canal corps

One of the state's largest unions has accused the New York State Thruway Authority and Canal Corporation of threatening layoffs to get union officials to agree to contract concessions.

Complaints have been filed with the New York State's Public Employment Relations Board. CSEA spokesman Stephen Madarasz confirms the union has charged the Cuomo administration with Taylor Law violations. The Taylor Law grants public employees the right to organize and elect their union representatives.

In a dramatic turnaround, the head of the state Canal Corporation, now says Governor Andrew Cuomo's layoffs there will indeed mean a drastic reduction in operations along the canal system along with a corresponding drop in morale. In an email sent to employees Thursday, Canal Corp. Director Brian Stratton said Cuomo's layoffs would force the corporation to resort to a reduced operating schedule last employed in 1991. The director noted that "resources will be strained, and ... people challenged, like never before..."