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Three billboards outside the state capitol in Albany.
Karen DeWitt

Advocates who want the Child Victims Act passed in New York are stepping up the pressure on Republicans in the state Senate. Some GOP Senators are the final holdouts on a bill that would extend the statute of limitations and open up a one-year window for past victims to file civil lawsuits.

Karen Hitchcock - Penn State: Lessons Not Learned

Oct 11, 2012

On Tuesday of this week, Jerry Sandusky received a de facto life sentence of 30-60 years for raping, abusing and assaulting some ten young boys.   To this day, Mr. Sandusky denies his guilt and places the blame for his conviction on what he feels is the false testimony of his many victims.  As The New York Times stated in an editorial following the sentencing, “The case of Jerry Sandusky for the serial raping of young boys while a coach in Penn State’s football program ended Tuesday as it began: in denial and delusion.”