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Governor Charlie Baker joined other state officials Monday to announce changes to Massachusetts’ Department of Child and Families, which has been embattled with high-profile cases involving the deaths of children under the agency’s care and supervision.


The Massachusetts child welfare agency is under scrutiny once again following the death of a 2-year - old child who was in a foster home.  Governor Charlie Baker said improving the Department of Children and Families is his top priority.

Baker, who campaigned on a promise to reform the state’s child welfare agency, launched an investigation Monday into the foster care case, calling it “tragic and frustrating to us all.”


Social workers and investigators at the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families picketed outside the agency’s Holyoke office today to call attention to what they say are skyrocketing caseloads.  At the same time, the results of an independent review of the troubled child welfare agency were released in Boston.

About half of the 90 staffers in the DCF Holyoke office picketed during part of their lunch break Wednesday in the latest in a series of recent demonstrations throughout the state organized by the social workers’ union.

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An independent review of the Massachusetts child welfare agency is under way.  Governor Deval Patrick spoke publicly today about the investigation.

Governor Patrick held a news conference at the Statehouse shortly after meeting with officials from the Child Welfare League of America, whom the governor has given broad authority to look into the policies and practices of the Department of Children and Families.

"We need actionable recommendations. The point is not more paperwork, but more social work."