WAMC Programs - The Book Show
3:06 pm
Tue November 20, 2012

The Book Show #1270 - Da Chen

Da Chen’s debut novel, Brothers - set during the Chinese cultural revolution - received tremendous praise for its insight into the period. His new book, My Last Empress: A Novel, is a mystical and poetic story of romance and palace intrigue set in 19th Century China.

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Commentary & Opinion
12:12 pm
Wed October 3, 2012

Herbert London: Tokyo's Military Options

Tokyo policy makers have been engaged in diplomatic overdrive in an effort to resolve a territorial dispute with Russia over four southern islands in the Kuril Island chain. This dispute has stunted bilateral relations for six decades.

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Arts & Culture
11:35 am
Wed September 5, 2012

Unearthed at The Clark - Ancient China in Williamstown

Ox, Northern Qi dynasty (550–577 CE), tomb dated 570 CE, painted earthenware, unearthed 1979, tomb of Lou Rui (d. 570 CE), Wangguo Village, Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, Shanxi Museum, Taiyuan

Over the last several decades, archaeological discoveries across northern China have brought to light unexpected works of historical significance and extraordinary beauty.

The exhibition Unearthed: Recent Archaeological Discoveries from Northern China will be on view at The Clark in Williamstown, MA through October 21.

The Roundtable
10:01 am
Wed May 23, 2012

Christopher Buckley

Washington Irving and Thurber Prize winning author, Christopher Buckley, has a new book called They Eat Puppies, Don't They?: A Novel.

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Commentary & Opinion
11:26 am
Wed April 18, 2012

Herbert London: The Chinese Strategic Vision

It has been widely reported that the Chinese government is providing loans and outright grants to Latin American and African nations for the construction of schools, clinics, power plants, and even soccer stadiums. The Chinese have flexed their economic prowess across the globe generating approval in many quarters and raised eyebrows and concerns in some diplomatic circles.

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