Cigarette Tax


New York regulators say the country's largest package delivery company turned a blind eye for years to the prohibited shipment of untaxed cigarettes.

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Recent statistics show more cigarettes are smuggled into New York than any other state. Local tobacco merchants say it’s no coincidence, because the state’s markup on cigarettes has gone up about 200 percent since 2006.

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Tobacco users in the Granite State will be paying a little more beginning Aug. 1 due to an increase in New Hampshire's tax triggered by a drop in revenue.

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A coalition of anti-smoking groups is calling on Vermont legislators to pass a cigarette tax increase.  But businesses that operate near the state’s borders say previous tax increases have led to revenue losses and any further hikes would mean even less traffic. 

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New Hampshire's House has voted to raise the tobacco tax 20 cents — a dime less than Governor Maggie Hassan counted on in her budget.