Anti-Cancer Groups Want Candy Flavored Cigars Banned

May 31, 2013
Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons

Anti-cancer groups are seeking to ban the sale of fruit and chocolate flavored cigars in New York State that they say are targeted toward children.

The products include chocolate, strawberry and, grape flavored cigars, which sell for under a dollar at common convenience stores. There are also, available on line,  gummy bear and cookie dough flavored chewing tobacco and other related products.  The Cancer Society’s Blair Horner says they aren’t candy, but are actual tobacco products aimed at kids and to get them used to using the addictive substance.

It’s summertime. 

That means kids swimming in the pool, going to camp and – of course - smoking their first cigar.

Shocked?  Every year, more than 1,000,000 kids try their first cigar.  And, if the cigar companies have their way, you won’t be able to do much about it.

After intensive lobbying by cigar companies, Congress is about to vote on an amendment that would exempt many cigars from any regulation at all.