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Bassist and composer, Edgar Meyer joins us. Joshua Bell will return to Tanglewood tomorrow night and join Meyer in performing  the world premiere of Meyer’s Double Concerto for violin, double bass, and orchestra.

Ellen Highstein joins us to talk about the experience young musicians have at the Tanglewood Music Center.

It's always a treat to speak with BSO Artistic Administrator, Tony Fogg about the planning and execution of a Tanglewood season.

It's always fun talking to BSO's Managing Director, Mark Volpe, about the Tanglewood season in store.

In this week’s “Classical Music According to Yehuda,” Alan Chartock and Yehuda Hanani continue their discussion of what makes a great performance, hearing a version of Bach’s Sarabande by Rostropovich before switching to the same piece by Yehuda Hanani himself.

In this week’s Classical Music According to Yehuda, Dr. Alan Chartock and Yehuda Hanani discuss what makes a great performance, hearing Chaliapin’s version of an aria from Don Giovanni alongside a contemporary version.

Helen Cha-Pyo, celebrating 10 years as Director of The Empire State Youth Orchestra, joins us to preview their June 3rd concert in Ozawa Hall at Tanglewood and their upcoming tour in China and Korea.

In this week’s “Classical Music According to Yehuda”  segment, Dr. Alan Chartock and Yehuda Hanani continue their discussion of the Gypsy influence on classical music, hearing Brahms’ piano quartet in D minor’s final movement.

For those public broadcasters who always ask the question: “Is classical music dead or doomed?” in interviews before every concert they air, this commentator has a simple coherent answer: “Only if you will it!”  Most Public Broadcasting execs seem privately convinced but too chicken to say, what they already believe.  So they ask the question, praying someone else will intone the answer they seek.  Theirs’ is a suspicion fallaciously raised, ever since ‘Classical Music’ was born.  In truth, as the inimitable ‘Satchmo’ Armstrong used to put it:  “There’s only two kinds of music… Good and Bad

The 2012 Vanguard Designer Showhouse (a fundraiser for the Albany Symphony Orchestra) is located at 17 Chapel St. in Albany, NY. This year, Vanguard decorates three condominiums in a renovated historic building. Here, Barbara Richer takes us on a tour.