Climate Change

New England News
5:47 pm
Thu August 23, 2012

Study Projects Impact of Climate Change on Massachusetts Economy

Hurricane Irene Approaches the Outer Banks
Courtesy NOAA

As much of the region is still recovering from the effects of last year’s tropical storm Irene, a new report outlines the effects of Climate Change on the Massachusetts economy, which includes projections of more frequent hurricanes. WAMC’s Berkshire Bureau Chief Lucas Willard has more…

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New England News
6:30 pm
Wed August 8, 2012

This Year Warmest On Record

The Northeast Regional Climate Center at Cornell University reported Tuesday that  this is the hottest year on record in the region since record keeping started.

The regional Climate Center reports that the average temperature in the 12-state northeast region was 49.9 degrees from January through July,  the warmest seven-month period since 1895, when systematic record keeping began. NOAA Northeast Regional Climate Center at Cornell University Climatologist Kathryn Vreeland notes that the data is strictly temperature measurements from land based observations.

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5:45 pm
Tue July 31, 2012

Report Says Heavy Rains Up 85 Percent in New England

A new report by an environmental group is pointing to what it says is a clear sign of climate change: The frequency of storms in the region with extremely high rain or snowfall is up 85 percent since 1948.

Environment America says New England leads the country in the increasing frequency and intensity of severe storms, with the weather events more than doubling in frequency in New Hampshire.

In Vermont, the group says the amount of precipitation being dropped by the biggest annual rain and snowstorms is up an average of 30 percent.

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New England News
6:20 pm
Wed July 11, 2012

Activists Launch Campaign For Coal Plants Shutdown

Members of "Coal Free Massachusetts" demonstrate in Holyoke

Targeting what they claim are the largest air polluters in Massachusetts, activists announced a campaign today to shut down coal burning power plants.  WAMC”s Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Paul Tuthill reports.

      Close to 50 environmental, public health, faith based and community groups make up a new state-wide coalition  called “ Coal Free Massachusetts”  The activists staged coordinated events Wednesday in the three communities where large coal-burning power plants still operate to call for each to be shut down by the end of the decade.

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Commentary & Opinion
3:31 pm
Tue July 3, 2012

Franz Litz: Answering Climate Change Deniers


The 4th of July holiday is here and for many of us that means gathering with family and friends. Inevitably at these gatherings, the subject of work comes up. My work focuses on climate change. Like religion and politics, climate change can make for some lively conversation.

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New England News
12:00 pm
Thu June 7, 2012

Studies Reveal New Details About Regional Climate Change


New scientific data shows that Massachusetts is home to many ecosystems resistant to climate change, while communities across the region this past spring have experienced record temperatures. WAMC’s Berkshire Bureau Chief Lucas Willard reports…

According to new data acquired from the Climate Systems Research Center at UMass Amherst, mean temperatures across the state for the past few months are among the highest on record.

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The Roundtable
10:48 am
Mon May 21, 2012

Sacred Acts: How Churches are Working to Protect Earth's Climate

We welcome Mallory McDuff and speak about her book, Sacred Acts: How Churches are Working to Protect Earth's Climate.

Commentary & Opinion
11:56 am
Tue May 1, 2012

Franz Litz: On Energy Policy, It’s Us versus Us


We love to complain about the lack of a coherent national energy policy. It’s a perennial complaint no matter who is in the White House or which party controls Congress. We blame the oil and gas companies and their hold on our politicians. If Congress had the people’s interests at heart, the story goes, we’d have a rational energy policy in this country that would emphasize efficiency, wean us off the dirty stuff and shift us to clean renewable energy.

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New England News
12:51 pm
Mon April 30, 2012

Al Gore Refutes Critics Of Global Warming Urgency

Former VP Al Gore as seen on a video screen at Hampshire College

Several  events  were held in Amherst Massachusetts over the weekend to mark the inauguration of Jonathan Lash as the sixth president of Hampshire College.  The highlight was a formal inauguration ceremony  featuring a keynote address by former Vice President Al Gore.  WAMC’s Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Paul Tuthill reports.


      Gore spoke forcefully on his signature issue, global warming, saying policies and practices must change and critics who deny the scientific evidence must be refuted.

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Commentary & Opinion
8:38 am
Thu April 19, 2012

Franz Litz: Driving a Fuel-Efficient Car Makes Economic and Environmental Sense

The numbers are in for March auto sales and lo and behold, electric vehicles and gas-electric hybrid vehicles had their biggest month ever.  According to the Associated Press, consumers bought a record 52,000 gas-electric hybrids and electric vehicles in March, up from 34,000 a year ago. The higher numbers come –not coincidentally—as gasoline prices return to around $4 a gallon.

There have always been many good reasons to choose to drive the most fuel-efficient vehicles:

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